Friday, September 9, 2016

Poetry of Steampunk

"I admire the hand made work by generations of women which preceded us , I love the poetry and the imperfections found in this work.
I try to continue this tradition.

I love beautiful old materials ,when they were handmade ,from finest and precious antique lace to vintage ethnic treasuries .
They inspire me , I collect and recycle them in my creations .

To create new garments and accessories with old materials, is to give them a second ,a new and different life,to bring them out of oblivion.

I'm passionate by the ethnic costume history in all the world ,
I collect books , fabrics , garments ,my life atmosphere is full of them ,I live "in and with" them all the time and they are source of inspiration.

" Art and Beauty make our existences bearable".
I built a cocoon work life atmosphere around me ,to be able to create for my kind customers all around the world garments and accessories, trying to share with them some dreams coming from my head , made with my hands and ... with my heart.

Don't be shy, express yourself with fantasy , colors and creativity are good for the mood !
As says Madame Iris Apfel :



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