Friday, April 29, 2016

Cornel Lucas at Fiorentini & Baker

Brigitte Bardot 1955

 Brigitte Bardot 1955

 Diana Dors 1955

 Joan Collins 1952

 Katherine Hepburn 1950

 Lauren Bacall 1958

Joan Collins 1951

Sultry ladies of that oh-so-seductive film-noir chic .. iconic images of Brigitte Bardot, Joan Collins, Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Diana Dors and Marlene Dietrich. Intimate portraits revealing the glamour and allure of these beautiful women. 

Cornel Lucas, the legendary British photographer, the only photographer to win a BAFTA in honor of his work with film, will show his work in New York for the first time, celebrating his 92nd birthday with an exhibition at the Mercer Street boutique of Fiorentini & Baker at the invitation of Deborah Baker. The show runs through October 28.

How delicious ... Fiorentini & Baker boots, the playful ladies shown in the exhibition, all those boots! 

Fiorentini & Baker website link here.

Cornel Lucas website link here.

Silver gelatin prints on fiber based paper, all prints signed and stamped by the photographer, all vintage prints printed by the photographer.

$5000 vintage 20x16
$3000 vintage 12x10
$2500 modern 20x16


  1. Gorgeous! So happy to see you posting! xx

  2. It seems like such an over-used comment but... they don't make 'em like this any more!

  3. Beautiful vintage photos. I get so inspired by the attitude from this time in history.


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