Monday, April 25, 2016

Louboutin, Big Old Lines, Neiman Marcus and Love


Just another designer showing at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills? I think not!!! That 2pm - 4pm signing?  It looked like the line at Studio 54 back when Bianca and Halston were dancing and smoking. Counting the red soles was beyond possible as the perfumed Louboutin-clad ladies and that cool dude (Jackson holding his shoe box lid and yes he wore his basic Loubs, not the spiked leopard spotted ones or his way-mean black and spiked version) visiting the heart of the Loub madness only to discover Neiman's doesn't do mens Loubs (how many times can I stick that in one sentence, oh grammar fairy help). At the very end of the line chatting it up with the coolest Neiman's shoe salesman, that line ended with me being told, since it didn't move at all in the twenty minutes I patiently waited, that it would probably be 6pm before all were signed. Ladies (and a couple of guys) wanting their red soles signed. 

Party time as cute waiters passed out drinks to the line snaking past accessories into cosmetics and perfume. Parking lots and valet completely filled, no more room signs planted. Jackson and I left, sad we'd missed the Manolo Blahnik event in the '90's when he signed shoes there, male models reclining in gigantic fishtanks clad in white Speedos. Events, Disneylandish big things and fun to get the shopper back in the shop.

Graffiti and urban art, gorgeous and impactful in the week that David Choe, link is to my post, cashed out to the tune of $2,000,000.00; after Mark Zuckerberg had him do a few paintings on Facebook walls, David agreed to be paid in Facebook stock not cash. Delicious paydays are what dreams are made of and he can now buy all the Loubs he wants.

Having valet parked, keep the Jeep up front please, at a different Wilshire Boulevard department store, we walked through the mens store and counted three shoppers. A for lease empty shop next door. Not easy days for let's-retail-like-it's-1999.

Urban art is a whole lot like Holga pictures: each is interesting but not all are important. Between Banksy and Marc Jacobs working with Stephen Sprouse on the graffiti-inspired LV pieces, it's here to stay and if you have a teenage boy, chances are you need to check his socks for hidden markers.


  1. A friend of mine saw Bianca wearing BIRKENSTOCKS! I was so depressed by that.

  2. Well, David is INCREDIBLY smart to ask to be paid in facebook stock and not cash. That was a brilliant move on his part. He's a smart business man. Plus, his work is wonderful to look at.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  3. The photos are so wonderful of all that graffiti, I love it. I cannot imagine what that line looked like, talk about the power fashion, wowza. (Like Wendy, I am destroyed at the concept of the words 'Bianca Jagger' and 'Birkenstocks' being used in the same sentence.)

    Sending you a smile, this was a fun one. :)


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