Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Poetic Steampunk Hand Made Dress

Sometimes it's just one poetic dress that matters. This one, one of many Jenny Eve lives with sold under the name of Madame Chic de France, link here.

Her description ...

"Black rayon/viscose fabric
The applique in front the dress is like a half dress . I made it with a cream linen fabric and beads applique ( silver and white colours ) , tulle hand dyed with tea and pleated + black ruffles in black rayon/viscose 
Vintage finest lace ribbon from Belgium, dating early 1900s , hand dyed with tea , to adjust the black dress on the back.
The long sleeves are in black rayon , the padding shoulders with linen fabric and tulle , like the front part of the dress .
They are fixed with black metal snap closures . You can wear the dress without sleeves .
In pictures n°4 sleeves " work in progress "  One of a kind.

To work with beautiful materials , to sew by hand in Europe , to create one of a kind garments, it costs money and time .
I cannot make garment for 50 USD .....

Many garments which I create are conceived to adjust themselves to the sizes S , M and sometimes L
They adjust themselves with pleats, darts , straps .
Design , creation and realization are made with this idea of free size for a garment piece unique .

All my fabrics are washed before using them, and when garments are finished, they are hand washed."

The accessories ... exquisite.


  1. I appreciate someone who puts heart into her work.

  2. very cool