Friday, March 11, 2016

Jil Sander, Romeo Gigli, Roland Mouret, John Galliano and more

I don't know what happened to Romeo Gigli. Rumors and cancellations. His partnership with Carla Sozzani, his business partner, shredded.

Jil Sander minimal, a dark sensuality, seductive fabrics.  Purchased under the Prada umbrella, Ms. Sander left.

Roland Mouret created a dress that sold for more on eBay than in shops. Lost to business partners, unable to use his name.

What happened to Herve Leger could be a fashion school lesson, enacting new laws to protect designers from predatory entanglements still hasn't happened.

John Galliano. His sad story is so well known. His own name lost.

It's only in fashion that this level of abuse exists, perhaps predatory music labels as well.

From the top: Roland Mouret, Jil Sander, John Galliano, Romeo Gigli, Herve Leger.


  1. Gotta watch what kind of deal you sign...

  2. Such a tough business--too tough!
    I still have, and wear, a "G by Gigli" skirt that I got in 1996. Not quite Romeo Gigli, but the quality is very good. I always assumed it was his bridge it?

  3. Always pay attention. That's the number one rule.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Wendy's right about triple-checking and then checking any documents again before signing, but I think there is a basic decency that has gone as well. Not that knives weren't finely sharpened and planted in the back of competitors years and decades ago, of course they were. But I think there was a sense of honor that has left, as goofy as it sounds when discussing backstabbing.

    The YSL situation might be the one that always makes me saddest, what an immense waste. Of everything.


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