Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Legeron: Haute Couture Flowers & Feathers

Prior to WWII, there were as many small houses in Paris serving the Haute Couture as there were crafts. There could have been several hundred small ateliers crafting hand-made flowers and feather confections and now there is Legeron, a house created in 1880. Legeron continues in the same painfully tedious, exquisitely fine manner as at its beginnings. The slow process of pinning fabric gently to a wooden frame before its bath into gum, starch or flours, the fabric is then placed on a cushion before being punched and formed on implements that may be over 100 years old, the petals then cut by hand and bathed in aniline dyes and alcohol at 90 degrees; when the alcohol has evaporated, shades of dye are placed on the edges. The petals are left to dry on a rack overnight, a process that is slow and produces the colors of fantasy and nature in a world of time equals money. 

The "tiny hands" then soften the petals on a damp blotter, ancient tools to crimp and create twirls and ruffles are used along with heat and sometimes wax to hold the delicate fine shapes. Each petal is glued to a brass base one by one, the emergent flower is then again allowed to dry for several more hours and only then is the brass stem covered in silk and the flower is complete. Heirloom flowers carefully produced one by one that cost the earth but last forever. The amazing craft remains for now.

Legeron Paris link here


  1. Divine ! Delicious and so very inspiring !

  2. craft and its survival .. such fine ways continue to exist and must

  3. Are mine from long ago from Legeron? I still love and adore them, treasures!

  4. No, an Italian company using the same craft techniques. An 85.00 silk frail flower that I have never seen again, so fine and delicate. Sold so many it could make me blush again.

  5. Exquisite!! So wonderful that this still exists!

  6. Just love the pictures of the flowers which you shared. The best part of flower is that it can be use for variety of way like for gifting, on dress as a head band.


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