Friday, February 19, 2016

Charles James, Halston, Vreeland: Then

This was NOT what I expected. After watching the trailer for the Halston movie, I wanted to find photos of what I remember: Charles James half-hidden by a newspaper, trails of cigarette smoke, Elsa Perretti, Pat Cleveland.

"Hmmmm. As for stealing, if you're not copied you're nobody," Vreeland.

Would that be to borrow an Haute Couture original to have a Seventh Avenue manufacturer copy it, a line for line copy? Sidney Gittler at Ohrbach's paid to attend  Haute Couture shows, required to purchase several Haute Couture bodies to take back to New York to ... be copied.

Did Halston ask for Charles James help, the ultimate master of construction? Yes. There was a  tight sleeve, knits that hugged the body at the moment that was all Sonia Rykiel. Halston was breezier, his his understanding of women perfection.

The earlier days of the business of fashion. History, beautifully documented history.


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