Friday, March 25, 2016

Campbell Soup Company: Lessons About Copyright And Art

That was then ... it's very hard to understand fashion designers policy regarding copyrighted material being loosely woven into a work of art. Louis Vuitton sued, twice, a Danish art student, Nadia Plesner, for using an image (not even an LV) to raise money for Darfur orphans. A stylistic take-off on the ubiquitous image of Paris Hilton holding a designer bag in one hand while cuddling a tiny yipping dog in the other.

Curiously Louis Vuitton itself was sued for fraud for selling Murakami framed works of art which were discovered to simply be the material used for  its bags during the collision of art and commerce at the Murakami exhibit at MOCA in Los Angeles.

Louis Vuitton is supporting young artists again through its Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project.

Lessons that should have been learned from Campbell Soup.


  1. Wow.....things arent like that anymore today, thats for sure!

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  2. You make a very good point. I think a lot of companies and artists resort to hypocrisy and histery when it comes to copyright and plagiarism.

    I dont think it's entirely fair to compare Campbell's reaction to LVMH's, though. It's easy to understand why Luis Vuitton objected to this image: they don't want their products connected to sensitive subjects, especially subjects that question the morality of the products. A painting of Campbell's may shine a light on mass production trends and whatnot, but it doesn't judge the soup, or dares viewers to judge the soup.

    The image above is very powerful because of the extreme contrast: luxury vs. poor children. If I were a Luis Vuitton-customer, I would feel targeted. I'd feel vain, spoiled and cruel. Hell, I feel all those things without ever having bought something LV. So I understand why the company objects: they don't want the negative connotation. (Which isn't to say that I think they're absolutely wrong in doing so.)

    Interesting and thought provoking post! I just discovered your blog, and I'll definitely be following!

  3. Shophopper, thank you for such an interesting take. LV (in my mind anyway) could have worked this by supporting the project and donating to it. Would have won love. The image is completely ironic and not even an LV bag. Rather than beating up on an artist trying to do good, I think the LV customer would have been pleased.

    You raise a good point. Would Campbell's have been so cavalier if the soup had been portrayed in a less interesting way with possibly negative connotations?


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