Saturday, July 23, 2011

It Gets Better

I was just thinking that the hot days of summer, the rancor in Washington that doesn't end, the debates about health care and the days of guns and gold that have become ceaseless. Languid summery days that are missed with all the rhetoric and anger, extremism and fear.

As the hot days yearn for cooler nights, there will be resolution du jour and we'll move on. Wishing that middle school, that playground that shows a glimpse of the adult world ahead, included a couple of mandatory courses in civility and that ethic would prevail long after those happy days.

The relentless pounding of please and thank you of our childhood given way to Mean People and Harshness. Imagine living in a country that would flog you for wearing sunglasses or wearing a headdress to school and other unimaginable infringements.

Wearing white and offering white roses is sweet but what really matters?

Allow another driver to slip in front of your car .. they'll gratefully wave thank you and probably do it again.

Look for something attractive about everyone, because we are all just human.

Refuse to participate in those mean, bullying Who Wore It Better or How Could She forums .. it's mean mean mean. Oh and get that piece of spinach out of your teeth.

Don't do a Sarah Palin and think there are real Americans and then the rest, laugh at anyone who attempts divisivness as a blue eyed-brown eyed experiment in real time; admire her capitalism and then switch to ignore.

Give a bottle of water and a sandwich to the homeless person that scares you. Some of them will say thank you.

Smile at someone for no reason.

Say bad words when you stub your toe because medical research, the empirical kind, has determined it will make you feel better.

Presume your friends and family love you ... accept them. Unless they're toxic and hurting you; if so, shun them and heal.

Understand something about addiction and the horrible things it does because it may happen to someone you love; they need help and you need to man up. Support their recovery and their health.

Health care is a right, not an option. That's all.

Boys and men are often physically stronger than you. Know how to defend yourself or get help, and when to scream your head off. I did when that man chased me with a knife.

Demand that your children say please and thank you; know all their passwords, that's a fact of life.

Demand that Facebook take down threatening pages, hate pages and mean pages. Just. Do. It.

Don't live with blank walls and pages. Look at beautiful things and live longer (well, I think so.)

Don't buy counterfeit designer goods if you can help it. It's made by the children of the world and hungry people. That's the truth.

Say hello to everyone you run into. See what happens.

Buy the best quality basics you can (hello sales, I love you). You probably need a black pencil skirt, two fabulous white shirts (one tailored, one fantasy), a black and navy cardigan, pearls, good black pumps, Spanx and a good set of underwear.

Don't give to the people in front of markets that ask you for money to save the homeless or battered women. Do it online because chances are they are all big fat liars.

Accept that someone believes differently, thank them for their thoughts and roll your eyes only when you have walked away.

Make sure all children tell all the bad things bad people do. It is not ok to have children keep secrets.

Vote. Give money to the candidate that you really believe in. Don't give up.

Get angry at mean people. Really angry.

It is not a sin to dress badly and get over mocking anyone. Stop your kids on the spot if they do.

Read. Read everything you can to understand more and more.

Learn about investments so that your 401K doesn't ever become a 101K again. Read.

There's not a lot I can do to change the world except little by little making things a little bit better. I don't know the answers at all but I think that kindness and happiness is contagious. I hope so.

The white roses are early John Galliano.


  1. Love you Wendy and I so love what you do.

    Thank you.

  2. Beautiful and perfect.

  3. This is exactly why I am so proud to be your friend. I love you.

  4. As always, brilliant, only more so in this post, you very much nail it.

    Sending you a smile,


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