Sunday, January 3, 2016

On Beauty And Papa Bear and Who Wore It Better

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Papa Bear is my very glamorous 120 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. While he is not show dog calibre having one brown eye and one blue, cars do screech to a halt to smile at him. The perpetually drunk homeless man who is partial to sitting in the shade on the steps of a walk street near me in Venice smiles and lurches at Papa Bear, hugging Papa Bear and burying his head in his fur. Maybe for a moment he is at peace.

While Papa Bear is probably the most beautiful Bernese ever (I really think so), I've noticed his delight at sniffing the rear of almost any dog he sees. His tail wags and he strains on his leash, my big lumbering gentle giant wants to play. Remarkable he doesn't notice that it's he who grabs all the attention. He's not the breed standard but somehow he exists in a world that wants to love him for his uniqueness and that can see his great beauty.

The labels of beauty/non-beauty are not going to go away in a flood of acceptance as easily as Papa Bear's differences were accepted; this planet has not managed world peace yet either. 

Sunday morning musing after learning of a freshman at Bennington that died in the common room last week. A couple of drinks and falling asleep to never wake up again, her friends that cannot make sense of her absence. A cup of coffee at my computer this morning and wondering why People Magazine does that who wore it better section. Voting on whether black shoes look better than gold? Is cleavage good or gross? Who's got cellulite at the beach that you didn't know had issues with it? Interviews with plastic surgeons commenting on the appearance of someone who may have done something? Just for right now, I'm really, really tired of it. The fashion police inviting you to laugh at some silly faux paus? Oh please. 


  1. No pic. of Papa Bear? He sounds adorable. Love the David Bowie eyes!

    Those antonyms... hag, ugliness... are you kidding me? How awful!


    Papa does need some portraits taken, not a good photo

  3. Agreed. Beauty also comes from the inside.


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