Sunday, May 22, 2011

THE sole purpose of my in-basket this week seems to be to goad me into looking at fashion from the Cannes Film Festival."

A very good journalist who can take an acerbic stab at fashion that is tired or derivative, can become rhapsodic about spending time in Azzedine's kitchen (been there, en famille and it is a nice respite from the business of fashion) and can make language dance in staccato phrasing is emphatically tired of the emails from fashion designers.  Bitingly criticizing some "designer froth" as being aging and noting that it takes a great pair of legs to pull off hot pants while bemoaning the flood of emails and photos from Cannes, perhaps not aware of the irony in the statement that "because of the duration of Cannes, and the number of events — not just the premieres and the AmfAR AIDS gala on Thursday, but also daily photo calls and parties — the festival has outpaced the Oscars in style." Perhaps a reason for a crowded inbox.

The work of sorting invitations to runway shows, scheduling a showroom visit, viewing videos and lookbooks in the fashion capitals of the world is, umm, the job. It's work. It's damn nice work, I think. 

Maybe it is all too much every now and then. Take a nap, get a facial, go to a yoga class.

Kindly refrain from bemoaning the process and get interested again. Show don't tell and remember that there's always someone new that would slap their manicured fist down and ask you to scoot over because she wants to see every single photo. Every email. Everything.

Your readers do want to see the photos, read your delicious agnostic critiques and sigh over a slim foot in a hot red stiletto or black hot pants or chuckle at an overdone starlet. 

Sleep is restorative and if that doesn't work, well .. someone else will.


  1. As someone who spent decades doing journalism in a medium most considered to be glamorous (it's not) I think I get to say an "Amen" to your sentiments. Maybe even a double Amen. I know firsthand it gets tedious and dull, and the lack of respect shown many journalists working for trade publications can be off the charts. It doesn't matter, cease with the whining.

    Good call.

  2. THAT explains the high calibre, professionalism and whimsy you bring to your work.

    Someday you have to dish, lol; dying to know what/where/how/when.

    Respect. Yes. One buyer in Paris long ago at Chloe (it could have been anywhere, these were the Jacques Lenoir/Gabby Aghion days) left muttering that he'd just left a 100,000. first cost order (330,000. at retail) and no one had said thank you. I said I didn't know that any house said thank you.

  3. Motivation isn't it. Fashion can wear you out.
    In any sector of the industry. It's important
    to re-motivate and remember why you're there I suppose, then go to the yoga class after for
    a bit of R&R!
    Great post!

  4. If you do fashion you have to do Yoga- this is sentence that is always in my mind. Everything in life has double meaning, and fashion also. Great post and great words.

  5. Every now and then we have to step away for a bit to renew our interest, don't we?! I know what you mean Mama!

  6. I can say AMEN sister :) Great post xo


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