Sunday, May 29, 2011

the pleasure of old photos while facing the displeasure of organization

My pine work table is ten feet long and littered in books, Alice Drake's The Beautiful Fall amongst the lot, photo albums, two computers, one laptop, rolls of quarters for parking meters, note cards with notes that once meant something and an unused Staples Reward Certificate in the amount of 10.00 along with my white fingerless gym gloves and two cameras, one digital and one film.

Mary Rae McDonald, Karen Lamm, Rina and Adam Shankman cozying up on a loveseat, long-haired babes from the late '80's including me, Helena (she of the Helena Club funded by Jack Nicholson whilst living on the Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty complex) and Carole Childs (a rock n roll legend who just happened to date Bob Dylan for eleven years), Angelo and me (my hair, Angelo, what were we thinking??) in a Susie Becker dress she had made for me with five fittings (that would be Haute Couture, yes??),

Memorial Day and memories, the perfect time to try to organize thousands (over 38,000 actually) online photos scanned into iPhoto. 



  1. You look stunning!!

  2. Is that definitely Karen Lamm in the first photo?

  3. Just wanted to share this with you:

    I stumbled upon another blog and was surprised to find a 1970's Maybelline ad with Karen Lamm (wearing blue eye shadow).

    Scroll down about half way on this page:

    I still wear blue eye shadow! lol

  4. Oh Anonymous, that picture is so beautiful, thank you so so so much. I love it so much. Yes, that's an end of the day Karen when we all just collapsed. Vegging.


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