Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairy Tales, The Delicately Beautiful Sarah Burton and Please Live Happily Ever After

Three billion people may have watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, happy at another fairy tale and hoping that they live happily ever after. The memories of the other Royal Wedding, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, dashed that fairy tale to bits with her visceral unhappiness, the nasty divorce, Prince Charles' middle aged public infidelity and the inexplicable loss of Diana.

The delicately beautiful Sarah Burton attended to Catherine's train before the pomp and ceremony of the wedding, something a mother or a best friend might have done. A million blogs and news stories were rushed with photos and reviews of the dress, Sarah Burton's dress. Extreme fascinators were dissected along with the appropriateness of the guests ensembles and two kisses on the balcony, not just the obligatory one.

And the same three billion people need this fairy tale to have only happy beginnings and a long happy life.

My friend Janet sent me the trailer to Tom Shadyac's documentary I AM.  Mr. Shadyac as a very successful Hollywood major movies director (Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty) could sit back and make blockbusters as he liked but after a serious bicycle accident he sold his 17,000 sq ft house moving into a trailer park in Malibu and hit the road with a four person crew to look for what was wrong with the world and maybe how to fix it. Looking for windmills of a different color as over and over he discovered that we humans have deep connections, deeply caring about one another and wishing happiness for others.

We, roughly three billion of us, care very much about the fairy tale in process of Prince William and Catherine. Happily ever after would do nicely.

Umm, there is some question about the depth of caring about a few of the fascinators. One could say that we three billion strong hope that those tall beige ones are promptly lost, never to be seen again.


  1. I can't wait to see I Am! Great connection, the world sent Will & Kate our hope. 3 billion people. We are all connected.

  2. Yes!! It's so touching and real .. the caring.

    I missed the movie hunting for a parking place. I can't wait to see it because he's innately a filmmaker.

  3. I'm with you on the "Please, please live happily ever after," wouldn't that be such a nice switch for that family? I had nary a clue it was 3 billion, holy cow!

    Thank you for the tip on "I Am," I hadn't heard a peep about it, but do know he is extremely talented.

    Sending you a smile,

  4. i really like how you tied tom shadyac's new film (and its message) into our collective well-wishes for a young couple embarking on life's grandest journey, viz., trusting another implicitly with your life and starting a family together.

    another terrific post.

  5. Thanks for this I'm actually looking for blogs/articles on this.


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