Sunday, April 17, 2011

Karen Lamm

You hear a song, remembering something, and smile. Emotions, people, memories are there and you hit replay to get it all back.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham walking in the shop together. Liza Likins returning to pick up their armloads of clothes.

Christine McVie too, delicate, sometimes with Mick Fleetwood. 

I remember Karen Lamm the most. We'd become friends. Beautiful, funny Karen. Dennis.

 The storyline in Playgirl Magazine, styled by Judith Dan.

"The party's over.
You don't want to go home.
Where do you go?"


  1. Sadly, the party did end for Karen and Dennis. What a prophesy my title was! They come alive once again through your rememberence!

  2. I just love reading these posts. You've had such interesting and exciting experiences. The good old days. Karen Lamm was beautiful.

  3. And all that beauty lost! Sad, sad, sad!

  4., fame, money and sadness. I guess all that glitters...

  5. I love these kinds of posts. They're lovely in their own right. Please do continue with such stories. Where do you get to know these things?

  6. I love this story. Its true the grass isnt always greener. Your posts are amazing xo

  7. Lovel story and great vintage photos!

    Eternally yours,

  8. Dennis Wilson sure brushes up in a suit! Such a sad story and a shame that none of them seemed quite lucky in love. Wasn't Wilson married several times? His last marriage to his distant relative always fascinated me.

  9. A beautiful video, beautiful song, accompanied by a great story. A great way to start the morning.

  10. Wow - what a serious flash from the past!! So sad!

  11. I always learn so much when I visit your blog. Maybe it's growing in the UK or my age but I am constantly humbled by your experience.

    What a story!

  12. I loved reading this post despite the accompanying sadness, it has memories of that era rushing back, I had such a crush on Dennis Wilson, I can't tell you. Seeing that hand-dyed Takahashi is amazing. (I had no clue Christine McVie had drinking problems either.)

    The most poignant part? "The Party's over, you don't want to go home."

    Thank you for sharing such remarkable stories, I always learn things and also perceive people and/or situations through another pair of glasses, I think we all need that.

    Hope you have a splendid weekend,

  13. Thank you for the evanescent and touching insight into Dennis Wilson and Karen Lamm.

    There was something magical about the two of them together that flows from their photos.

    Someone needs to write a book about Karen. She seemed tough-but-sweet; wise-yet-young; starstruck-yet-down to earth.

    With the right agents and advice, do you think she could have had a stronger career?

    Please share more about Dennis and Karen...

    And please, more cosmetic beauty tips !!

  14. Dear Anonymous

    Karen was not tough, not tough enough at all. The men she loved were so needy of her and her time with Dennis was simply apart from rules and tiny nights. It was vivid and heartbreakingly tender, rock star anger with Dennis smashing the windshield of her car and frightened by the loss of control. She was The Surfer Girl, The California Girl. Always.

    She could throw her head back and laugh, she could tell dirty jokes, she could gently mock someone. Not fragile but drugs bent her. She was a girlfriend you could count on, practical and loyal and funny. Waiters were drawn to her, not for the overly generous tip but something so sweet and genuine in her made them fall in love with her for a night, wanting to make her experience perfect.

    Some hard real things happened to her that she couldn't fight ... her Jeep rolled over her and the pain was real, as was the addiction, the necessary addiction for some of the time, to pain pills. The staph infection at Aida Thibiant really happened and she was so sick from that.

    Networks took meetings with her but I think worried about her reputation, drugs. She was radiant under all circumstances, always beautiful.

    She stayed with me and struggled with staying sober. I did not handle that well, not a bit. I asked her to leave and another, better friend got her into rehab. I had real reasons for needing her to leave but did not do enough and I should have.

    She knew a family in Beverly Hills, famous now for the parents being killed by the sons. She became a producer on that project and was intelligent and savvy, a combination that was perfect for producing.

    Not starstruck, something else. Sidetracked certainly.

    Dennis and Karen .. she got tickets for a concert and maybe Dennis didn't look at her the whole time but I think he did.

    She was the kind of friend everyone should have.

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