Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Romance of A Little Black Tulle and Roses, A Sinewy Arm and Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym in Venice is mythic and I've been back for two weeks. Long ago, it was a scruffy, stinky, steroid-taking mess and hardcore bodybuilders posed and bulged. It's air conditioned and there are several hand-purifier dispensers scattered around thoughtfully, towels are usually brought to wipe sweat off a seat and sometimes you can spot Bruce Willis (insanely cool) or Hulk Hogan posing for pictures. Ellen Barkin trained here before her Ron Perlman fiasco. It's a kinder place with nice cars in the parking lots but there's still a spot for mean motorcycles gussied up.

My copy of Robert Maplethorpe's Lady, Lisa Lyon is tattered somewhere. I don't bring bags of cereal to the gym anymore or carry a list of what machines to do that day. Being strong would be nice, I think.

Beauty comes in all shapes but a beekeeper hat with a flower becomes dangerously romantic. Mary McDonald made them for me with yards of tulle and flowers. Daniel Storto's glamorous hand made gloves would be necessary too. A little fantasy and three sets of twelve. My little white leather weightlifter gloves are not my mother's little lady gloves.

More photos of Robert Maplethorpe's exquisite work.


  1. beautiful picture! and i've been meaning to sign up at my local gold's gym too!

  2. and I am lazily off to it, white gloves and all.

  3. please tell me, is that a picture of you? saf

  4. Oh I wish ... Lady, Lisa Lyons as shot by Robert Maplethorpe.

  5. I love everything about the design and content of the April 9th page, with your banner, the print and your story -- would like to dry mount it for home gym. Is such a thing permissible and if so, how would it be done? And if such a thing is not permissible, no slight intended. Thank you! saf

  6. Thank you. I have a hyperlink for the gorgeous Lady, Lisa Lyon book at Amazon which is available for either a lot of money or very little.

    Please, do what you want. Thank you so much.

  7. So cool of all gym's to join that you would join Gold's. I imagine everyone's getting down to business at that gym! Good for you!

  8. I've been contemplating gym too. Since converting to yoga, I abandoned it, but am thinking any exercise would be better than none...
    Also, love your description of Gold's: like an excpert out of a novel.



  9. I love tough chicks. I fancy myself one... most of the time :) White lifting gloves... style and strength. The perfect combination.


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