Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Spring Day Of Red, Fire Breathing Dragons And A Year Of Good Luck

Spring Festival is today. A Chinese custom to repay the gods and celebrate good harvests begun in the ancient days of the 21st Century B.C. A year of love and romance for young people who serve a whole chicken with all its parts, little red pouches of coins for children and fireworks at night.

Cooking and new clothes come earlier, the lovely preparations for a holiday. When I was small, my mother took me shopping for Easter. A pink dress, a little straw hat with flowers or cherries and white gloves. White nylon socks with lace and spiffy black patent Mary Janes while her nipped waist dress, a small ode to Scarlett O'Hara's cinched in days, swished as it brushed her nylons and with her freshly Prelled hair and Maybelline cake mascara, a little face powder on her lips as she layered Revlon's cherry red lipstick and off we went to church to watch a procession, with heraldry and blessings. The nuns were quite fond of my divorced mother who rather cheerfully had offered to drive them to the market or a doctor, even though they uttered a little prayer as they entered her car.

It's good to celebrate even if the pretty pink is tucked in memories and your closet is lush with black and white. A pink cardigan will do.

If you eat a little fish today, you will have abundant luck all year. Lovely to know that.

The new clothes part is particularly interesting to me, along with the luck of course.

Abundance and new clothes. Happy Spring Day.


  1. I rarely wear pink but I happen to have put it on today!

  2. pink dress, white gloves, hat with fruits, Mary Janes... lucky you! I am still mad at my mum because of boyish look during my childhood

  3. The story of your mother made me laugh, reminds me of my old aunt with me (having been divorced too). Now I see why her daughter is the strong woman she is.
    Off to find something pink stat...

  4. The drama of mothers!! Love that, Cupcake!!!

  5. Im going to wear hot pink cardi :) My mom was a single un wed mom in the 70's. We were quite scandelous at mass on Sundays:)

  6. Oh good heavens, I can just see the nuns murmuring a little prayer! The pink dress and mary janes is such a pretty image, thank you for this whole post!

    May you enjoy a splendid week!

  7. Yay, I'm so happy I had that tuna.
    And I love the image of you and your mother heading to church. You're a beautiful writer.

  8. Oh I remember my Easter outfits so well - my mother used to make us new Easter coats every year with big mother of pear buttons. Hope coral will do for today - don't think I own any pink! Wishing you a Happy Spring Day as well!!

  9. Oops, I'm too late and missed the fish!
    I loved that story about your mother and the nuns!

  10. such a cute story! I'm sure you looked darling :)

    Eternally yours,

  11. Gorgeous photographs and loved the story of shopping with your mom :) Happy spring day (belated) :) Love your blog.


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