Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dust Off Those Gossamer Wings

There's an ancient proverb that we are meant to walk with a note in each pocket. One is to say that for us the world was created and the other, ah the other: we are but a grain of sand in all the universe.

There's something so humble and wonderful in Frank Sinatra's letter about a reluctant pop star. Sometimes it is just that simple, "Man up". My kid saved this on his desktop which of course makes me happy. 

Barbara Marx Sinatra and her best friend Bea Korshak were customers, shopping in little white tennis dresses while Beverly Hills teetered between provincial resort neighborhood shopping and a tourist mecca. They shopped very well and very often. Bea's husband knocked on the locked back door. I unlocked it to find George Raft and Sidney Korshak half hidden by their hats pulled forward blocking the doorway. Sidney silently counted out a stack of hundred dollar bills and left. Sometimes a salesgirl would call Bea to let her know about a new shipment. When Sidney answered the phone he simply hung up the phone.

My mother had told me a story about driving through a Beverly Hills canyon late one night with my father and getting lost, she in a silk print dress that she'd let me play dress-up in when I was very little. They'd parked and walked to a doorway. Rudy Vallee came out to give them directions. My mother's eyes sparkled every time she told the story.


  1. lovely, thank you!

  2. you are such a (lovely) name-dropper! thx for the visit and classic comments over at the ole porkster!

    what a great letter from Frank Sinatra. had dinner next to Frankie Avalon last night (i went to school with three of his kids); he and his wife both looked great.


  3. Ha! It was so ordinary then and well-defined. Very different now. I had no idea any of it was special, lol.

  4. This letter is amazing , I dont think Frank ever sang to the cleaning lady :) I can see why your moms eyes sparkled he was a hottie
    xo Tracey

  5. Now I've got "Freedom" stuck in my head.

  6. Ah, what a well-written and delightful letter;-)
    It's hilarious in a sincere way. I agree - "Talent must not be wasted"

  7. This letter is marvelous. Made me smile -- from the inside out. He gets it.

  8. Loved the story about your mom! The letter is a classic and so true. I wish some of the current pop stars would read this. Often it's not the fame and success that destroys them, but their own egos.

  9. Good for Frank and how humble really (& funny). That's a keeper for sure!

  10. great and inspiring letter. there are so many ambiguous things about us, people. Your story is also great! Have a nice day

  11. "The tragedy of fame" bit cracked me up. Such inspiring words.

  12. This is one of the best post I've seen in a while. Personal, universal, humoruos and wise. Really great.



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