Friday, March 25, 2011

The Very Scary Privacy Limitations On Twitter, Gmail and Blogger

"Well well well ... look who it is! I have been waiting a long time to cross your path again! A LONG TIME"

I stared at the tweet for a minute trying to unscramble the words which felt ominous in a bad way. I'm lucky ... I sorted this out in twenty minutes and put this away, and of course immediately blocked the sender.

I discovered that you can block someone absolutely on Facebook and that if you decide to peek, you can't block them again immediately. Facebook blocking is absolute, there are no remnants.

Twitter has a block function which will remove the tweet and prevent the blocked person from tweeting you again: that's about it. You can continue looking at their Twitter home page and see their tweets flashing by if you share contacts. Untwining the complex trails of contacts is not easy.

Gmail and Blogger will not allow you to block someone but suggest a separate folder for the emails and removing a bad follower. That's it.

I don't use Quoro or MySpace and long to figure out how to get away from LinkedIn and can't speak about their privacy policies.

Blogger allows you to moderate comments ... one more level of security. I don't love the security letters "to show us you're human" because I usually fumble the first time and sometimes more. I do cross my fingers when I leave a comment that I can just leave it.

And just thinking with the limitations of blocking someone completely how very dangerous social media can be. In my opinion, Google and Twitter have completely failed to offer serious privacy protection.


  1. Interesting and should imagine very annoying. Thank you for the information. x

  2. That's scary! I would be totally creeped out thinking someone with ill will was 'following' me on social media. It probably happens more than we know.

  3. It is scary what can happen on twitter. If I feel uneasy I block a person right away. Ive had some scary encounters. Facebook is usually for people I actually know out of cyber life. Who have known on social media for a long time. Thanks for this post

  4. Yes of course you block them and then find that they're semi-blocked and have equal access to your home page.

  5. I think unfortunately the only way to avoid certain people is to not be present in social media at all. Blogger does offer additional protection by offering the 'invite only' function to blogs. I'm not surprised gmail doesn't. It's an email provider and blocking isn't generally part of that service. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Oh, that is creepy! Blocking is serious, I figured it would be more iron-clad than what you described.


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