Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stefano Pilati Is Named Design Director At Christian Dior: A Rumor

Ending the speculation of whom would replace John Galliano quickly was imperative. This was a simple and pragmatic decision. The air will clear and the fingers of Stefano will craft another image for Christian Dior. As it turns out, this may be a rumor. If only it were true and this saga could end.

It will not be similar to John's wildly dramatic shows with insanely beautiful clothes.

Perhaps a return to lady-like and approachable fashion will please ladies. Hauntingly beautiful clothes are not always easy.

I hope that John gets the appropriate help he needs. While he may have hidden a secret love for Hitler all of his life, it's as likely that John has descended into a devastating mental illness that has sabotaged a career, ended friendships and may land him in jail.

There is no doubt with the release of the video that John uttered words of hate in something stronger than just an anti-Semitic rant while drunk. Dreaming of gassing the couple who had offended him seems maniacal.

Then again it may be as simple as John actually being a monster.

It was a year ago that Alexander McQueen perhaps impulsively hung himself. Something his close friends and associates would have saved him from is only they'd known.

I don't know what happened to John. It's incredibly painful to watch knowing that this cannot be equivocated.


  1. As you said in your previous post 'let's get back to fashion'. I really don't think it's our place to speculate what prompted the outbursts or what his real views are. Only he knows and only those close to him can provide the help and support he needs. From my brief meeting with him, I'd be surprised if he really were like that. He came across as very shy and low-key. At this point, I think any rumors as to who will replace him are pure speculation from the media. I'll believe it when I hear an official statement. Until then, I'm going to ignore this fiasco.

  2. Yes, completely agree. Back to ignoring this sad story.

  3. I am fascinated by the idea of a new designer at Dior. This is an exciting time, albeit for painful purposes. I look forward to the new era!

  4. A new designer would probably relieve a lot of pressure for John, who does need help of one kind or another. I wonder if they'll go with a team for now to allow for any eventuality later. John was well loved at LVMH.

  5. With electing a new designer at Dior, the ideology will change. While the new designer may choose to hang on the the key aspects of the elaborate and eccentric that John shadowed over the house whilst there,we'll have to see what will really become of Dior.

    I think he said an awful thing an i'm not too sure how to take the spreculation and the fact together as it's quite overwhelming. People, especially celebrities who usually wear Dior may stop for a time out of principal, whilst others may continue just because the clothes look good on for fashions sake.

    John does need help, if this is what it's come to then i'd drive him there myself out of pity. There has always been pressure behind the scenes of fashion we all know this, the beauty, the lights, the lifestyle can turn into a facade and you become drained,crazed and tragically indifferent.
    As for John Galliano, does this excuse what has happened...i'm afraid not. Does it need to be adressed...yes.

  6. Nothing can erase the meaning of those horrific words John uttered. The pain and anger caused is enormous.

    An isolated descent into mental illness emerges in abrupt breaks from reality and sometimes doesn't interfere with the routine of one's life.

    He needs help and more will be revealed over time.

  7. It has been immensely valuable to read your posts as well as the comments on this topic, as they offer a steadying influence amid the frenzy. Like many, I was staggered when seeing the tape, and remain astonished at some of the reactions. I only know that one can't call it a set up, that much is plain.

    Thank you for the benefit of your experience and insight,

  8. You're so kind.

    It's this and Mr. McQueen's death that hurts all of us.

    So sad.

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