Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simply Lovely Leopard Ballerinas by London Sole

I love fashion shoes made entirely of straps and imagination, wedges, platforms, stilettos (no kitten heels, don't worry) with twisty windy bits with price tags that could make the sales person churlishly advise you as she walks away that if you have to ask the price, sniff, they're not for you.

Fashion shoes have become too special, sigh. Bad attempts to mimic the Chanel flipflop with the obligatory camellia have launched a plethora of (bad, really bad) plastic shoes with prices in the hundreds.

All I really wanted was something cozy and cute to slip into that works as well with summer's white skirts as jeans, maybe even something that makes me happy when I look down at it.

Oh and please ... not $$$$$$$$$$.

Voila. From a selection that spans two shop walls and two gorgeous tables littered with indie ballerina flats, I do believe leopard spots are the new black.


  1. Beautiful shoes! You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of flats :)

    Eternally yours,

  2. Very cute, well done! Discretionary money is harder to come by these days.

  3. I would just like to state that at this point I have two pairs of leopard print shoes. Out of 4 pairs I have in total(don't ask, I went into a cleaning frenzy). So that's like half. :-)
    These are super cute, love the combo with the red ribbon. It's the details like this that make great pieces.


  4. Love this post because I love London Soles, and because of this sentence: "Fashion shoes have become too special...". That nails *perfectly* my issue with almost all contemporary shoes.

    You do have a way with words. :)

    PS: Tilly wants to meet Cheese Ball and loves the idea of the split-level abode.

  5. You always make me enjoy my day in a pink, happy way ... even though chances are I am in intellectual-black, a diminutive version of black. (Black with dark grey something)

  6. ~ new London Sole blog! <3


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