Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shannon Tackett: If You Don't Have Beautiful Gray Hair

Beautiful silky sexy gray hair. I wish!! My grey roots creep down into something not familiar and course. Course and yet incredibly fragile. Mistakenly thinking anyone can do roots, wandering into a busy local suburban shop and leaving with a bit of Dennis The Menace stand up broken hair on top and bangs that Angry Bird in the guise of a mild-mannered hairdcutter attacked. Edward Scissors Hands would have been welcome. I retreated into ounces of MoroccanOil to keep the broken sad bits down and  shortly thereafter, weeks actually, more grey roots appeared. Dark hair doesn't ease into silky sexy grey hair alas.

Frightened and not really a good candidate for the sleek shorn hair of Jean Seberg or Mia Farrow, I let them grow a bit. A family member leaned in closer and with nary a trace of irony asked why I'd let myself go. Great ...

I think I wasn't the only one saddened by Frederick Fekkai's research that showed formaldehyde in Brazilian Blowouts: silky frizz-free hair was a nice solution for course covered up gray hair flowing through formerly silky straight hair. Between my proliferating gray roots and patches of frizz topped by flyaway broken hair I was lost.

One step at a time, I thought, walking slowly to Shannon Tackett, a gorgeous blond with thick healthy hair. Perhaps she could fix my broken bangs. As her other clients include Belinda Carlisle, Illeana Douglas and Perry Farrell, I did have hope.

Her hands were gentle and her sharp scissors barely rustled. I trusted her immediately and asked for help.

"The best gray coverage comes from taking one extra step with a product designed by I-Straight called power control helps open the cuticle prior to ensuring color saturation. Another procedure that addresses dull course or frizzy hair is the I-Straigh reconstructive process which lasts six to eight weeks, giving instant smooth shiny results."

The non-toxic Hair Straightening is a mild chemical enriched with keratin allowing negative ions to break water molecule clusters into micro particles thus allowing the formula to penetrate the hair shaft without breaking its internal structure. Gentle, gentle ...

Shannon gently applied color on my roots and placed me under a helmet of moist warm air, gently gently helping color penetrate.  A bit of balliage (painting bits of hair with a brush using cotton strips to keep the color from dripping throughout: children naturally have that) and the touches of oxidized brassiness all gone.

Shannon is at The Harlot at 1621 Abbott Kinney, Venice 90291 ... 310-399-6525 adjacent to Lemonade. Her cell is 310-745-9773.


  1. Ahhhh nightmare! We all have a story...thanks for sharing yours. So frustrating be on that long road of hair growth! Cool products & thank goodness for experts!

  2. Always a relief to find a true expert. I cling to anyone I find!

  3. Glad you found someone who could solve your problem! Then again, isn't grey all the rage for next season (in the vein of Jean Paul Gaultier FW11)?

  4. love this trend of grey hair, but sorry for what happened to yours!

  5. I was hoping when my hair got gray it would get better! Who does ST recommend in NYC. Thanks for coming over to visit. We're starting High Point soon and we'll be posting!

  6. Sorry for your hair drama .. I know every women has been through it . I dont think my hair knows how to be gray. Ive messed with it so much over the years xooxo

  7. Yes any NYC recommendations? I vowed not to dye my hair for years and to go grey with style and grace. Now I'm going to use style and grace to stay brunette!

  8. Krister at Persona Salon
    40 W 39th St
    4th Fl
    (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
    New York, NY 10018
    Neighborhood: Midtown West

  9. It is amazing what a touch point hair is for women, perhaps also for men, but not from my limited corner of the world. I am beginning to think that the search for ______-er (light-er, straight-er, strong-er, etc.) hair never really fades, I spend much too much time thinking about it, to be sure.

    You are wonderful to share your personal perspective, and some resources.

    Hope you enjoy a restful, restorative weekend!

  10. sounds like a great hair experience! I just moved to my city but still get my haircut when I go back home, it's hard to find a good hair dresser!


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