Sunday, March 13, 2011

Madame Chic De France: bits of vintage lace, destroyed flowers ...

I spent yesterday searching for beautiful shoes, frail Victorian skirts and accessories of ravaged beauty. In plain view on Etsy, whilst searching for Edwardian white skirts, I came across the exquisite work of Madame Chic De France in her own shop. Along with the dark elegance of a vintage Demeulemeester and a fragile Yohji ecru crocheted shawl, her own work took my breath away.

In her own words:

"My name is Jenny Eve.

I am a Frenchwoman , fashion designer and I have recently moved to Sweden to unite with my sweetheart.

Many years ago, when I was a young teenager, I developed a passion for contemporary fashion designers Japanese , Belgian and for the "old fashion" and its history.
I travelled from the South of France to Paris in order to study, for 3 wonderful years, the techniques and savoir-faire so specific to French Haute Couture.

For years, I then created, in my name or for others, collections of garments, bags, jewels, hats and shoes.

It is as a teenager too that I began to collect vintage "treasures" (essentially bags , jewels , fabrics , lace , garments ) belonging to my favourite periods: the 1920s, 30/40s .
The research I carried out regarding those periods (fashion, lifestyle, photography, art), all the finds gleaned as the years went by, have influenced my aesthetic tastes, my designs and my creations , mixed with a contemporary and avant-garde vision of the fashion .

To create new garments and accessories with old materials, is to give them a second , a new and different life, to bring them out of oblivion.

In Madame Chic De France , i propose a mixture between my own creations , vintage creations of Japanese and Belgian Fashion Designers , a treasury selection from 1920/30/40s .
The atmosphere , the character , all these "mixture" that you see in Madame Chic De France , it is as I am.....
Coco Chanel said "Fashion fades, only style remains the same" , i try for many years to create timeless garments for a timeless style."

 Bits of vintage lace, destroyed flowers, her own baubles and eccentricities ... her description of the last photo, which I imagine over a tweed jacket, a tshirt, at the waist of a frail Edwardian white skirt:

Arsenic 11 : Capelet / Shawl made in white veil cotton , ruffled and dyed with tea , to have a subtle skin colour tone .
Soft tulle ruffled like a collar and big bow in tulle "destroyed" with embroidery vintage mother pearl buttons .
Tulle dyed tea. This garment has unfinished hems . The raw edges will fray with repeated wear and cleaning. Available $77.00. 

Madame Chic De France shop link here ...

Do remember to breathe.


  1. Very ethereal , I love the bables with that jacket. The braiding the first pic awesome.Youd be a walking work of art love it !

  2. Love that tucked in the corridors of fashion are artists doing unusual things .. and affordable.

  3. This is such exquisite work! It had my heart pumping faster than a pedophile at DisneyLand...

  4. Wonderful. Love when you find treasures like this among many of lovely but average things. Her work really is exquisite. :-)


  5. Beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous. I love the inspiration from the Japanese/Belgian designers (who rarely fall in the cateogry 'vintage') and her adaptation of recycled vintage. It's hugely popular in the UK as well... many indie designers here are going this route. I do like that she knows what she's talking about. I have to smile when people say 'vintage' and then refer to the 70s or 80s, which is far from vintage but merely second-hand.

  7. Oh, these looks are beautiful! There's really something special about them, a certain je ne sais quoi factor, especially seeing as they are handmade and completely exquisite. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Those fabrics need to be brought back and given life, yes! I love all the old-fashioned lace, eyelet, pintucking. There is nothing like it.

  9. oh ! thank you , merci , for all these compliments and personal views about my work :) nice to read that .....

    Jenny Eve

  10. I've been back a few times to look at this collection. Amazing that she started collecting as a teenager, i mean what teenager has that vision?!? It was her calling in life. Very cool concept.

  11. Its so wonderful to see such original, genuine pieces that have the designers soul written all over them. I myself have a weak point which is vintage and this just makes me hyperventilate...

  12. It's amazing to find artists doing work one by one ... so beautiful and personal.

  13. Wow beautiful!!! xxx

  14. What a find! Thank you for sharing this.

  15. The dark beauty of her work draws you in, doesn't it?

    Love what she does so easily.

  16. Wow lovely! What a find and so pleased that you shared her work and her story...

  17. Well, this comment would have been done 15 minutes ago, but of course I clicked on the link and went window shopping. You are right to advise that one remember to breath, the pieces are exquisite, and while dark, that merely serves to make them more memorable.

    Thank you for the tip,


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