Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunglasses, Style and Fashion Weeks

Apple computers really do lack the issues of hacking, spywear, malwear, and other nasty diseases that seize and freeze other computers. But things can go wrong and so it makes sense to purchase Apple Care. My pristine white Mac crashed: the good news is that Apple geniuses replaced the hard drive, video card and logic board at no charge and it's essentially new. The reinstall was easy except for a small problem in iPhoto: it triplicated the backup of photos and now I have over 37,000 unsorted photos. Manually deleting is tedious; more so because I've found so many missing photos from back Then.

Back Then I loved simple round sunglass frames. Fast forward to this week in which my search for frames ended with these perfectly simple round frames. It's startling to go through my fashion history in photos and see that in so many ways my taste and choices are the same. I did find a picture of me at thirteen with bleach blond hair, the kind of harsh peroxide/ammonia that eats and fries hair. Horrible. But in that picture I was wearing a LBD, high necked and severe and gazillions of years later that's still the first thing I search for - the elusive, ever changing, perfect little black dress.

Except for an Jose Eber experience which should have been Farrah-ish soft waves and thick bangs swept here and there (not!!), once my bleached hair was chopped off and grown out, I've had some version of longish hair, straight with bangs. Oh and I still only wear Shalimar after breathing in the fragrance in an elevator when I was sixteen.

Watching fashion week runway shows on my Mac, iPad and even iPhone, running through slideshows on WWD and InStyle and idly wondering if it's a bit of overkill, whether the excitement will be diminished when the clothes are actually shipped beginning in a few months.

Meanwhile as much as fashion changes, I still want the same things. Little black dresses, perfect jeans, riding boots, ankle boots, white shirts, boyfriend cardigans, frothy chiffon bits, ballet flats, raspberry Manolo's, ethnic belts and oh!! round sunglass frames. 


  1. Some things are forever desirable!

  2. An LBD at 13? OMG :)
    I had the bleachy blonde for a brief moment in time too!

  3. Love this post its so true. Im still on the hunt for the belt that looks good with everything. I've gone down about 10 sizes in the past 2 years been able to keep my boyfiend cardi's. I have to belt them now love em :) xo

  4. Tracey, good for you. That makes your posts on weight issues even more compelling.

    Stacy, it took a LOT of bleach/peroxide. Yes, LBD's were the perfect antidote to elementary Catholic school uniforms. Beatniks and dark coffee houses ... the things I dreamed of.

  5. It's good to know the Apple guys could resuscitate your computer, we do love ours and are grateful every single day not to be dealing with Windows and all of the accompanying baggage.

    Love that the same things still appeal, it speaks to how timeless they, and you, are, very much so.

    Sending you a smile and hopes you enjoy a delightful weekend.

  6. I still have a long way to go lol Im going to talk about my eating disorder this month :) Beacause you rock here is a Versatile Blogger award for you


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