Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something Beautiful: Sarah Dueth Elegant & Haunting Paintings

Sarah Dueth paintings won't line up neatly any more than a girl's childhood dreams are easy and gentle. Oversized and then again there's several that are comprehensive, that can be seen completely. Dancing through a room full of these, it would be easy to be lulled by the comfortable beauty and familiarity of the subject, Girl.  Lingering and whirling to pause before each one would reveal secrets, a young girl awry, perhaps staring so hard that the lovely eyes become wounded. Gentle colors that could have been mixed into cake frosting but it's paint, slathered but not hiding the loneliness of a reflection, the memory of that day.

Saatchi's interview with Sarah is here. Painting to still the memory of discontent, feeling more than hearing the music of Tori Amos and Eminen during the school hours of her child; Sarah couldn't do these until ten years of painting and then the voluminous Girls series emerged. Not painting an organized one at a time, several at once: cacophony of paint and more feeling than perhaps is planned escapes to the canvas, hiding behind the image of a Girl.

Jay Whitney Brown Gallery represents her in Los Angeles.


  1. Seriously some beautiful work .. I love the eyes they are so haunting.

  2. These little girls pull you in and then push you away ... stark and lush at the same time... would love to see in person .


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