Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something Beautiful: Andrea Gutierrez Beaded Bracelets May Take Your Breath Away

"Antique seed beads, vintage baubles, gemstones, gold, silver and ..."

Andrea Guttierrez embroiders the beads, stones, diamonds, gold or silver onto silk, hours and hours of intricate fine sewing. Flea markets and antique dealers may have an antique beaded bag which will be surgically taken apart, bead by bead.

Something beautiful yes and indeed it took my breath away but also something so fine that I am left coveting a few, not even just one; I don't think that's a sin ... I'm sure angels would love to adorn their dainty impossibly good wrists.

My first thought was of Ali MacGraw and her very elegant wrists. Butler & Wilson had opened a Sunset Plaza shop near my own. Ali collected, there is no other word, armloads of the fine vintage piece the boys filled the glass cases with. A little bit vintage and fantasy, a lot edgy.

Beaded cuffs are intensely romantic and if you close your eyes, you may see Cary Grant kissing the tender inside of a wrist very close to one of Andrea's cuffs. Not Justin Bieber, no. I would wave my wrists in the air until someone did, never considering that anyone could resist such prettiness.

You may purchase directly from Andrea as Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Kelly Wearstler, etc do. A link to contact her is here. The price range is 600 - 2500.


  1. OMG - I am in love - these are magnificent!! One of these might just have to be my Valentine's Day present to myself - although I think a couple of purchases may have already fallen into this category. But my birthday and anniversary are in the fall - can you give yourself an Easter present?

  2. I'm in love too, these just make the world a far more beautiful place.

  3. Im lusting after the #3 picture. So beautiful :)

  4. Lusting, yes ... several because there are so many wrists, no I mean days of the week!!

    These should be at Maxfield and Barneys.

  5. These are stunning,, each one individually!!! WOW..

  6. Sarah, yes. I'm obsessed with hand work and these are exquisite, painful to imagine the hand sewing.

  7. Thank-you all for your kind , funny and lovely comments !

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