Monday, February 21, 2011

Loving Marc Jacobs While Pining For His Grunge Collection

Does it say more about Marc Jacobs or me that I still miss owning his wispy chiffon dress from the Grunge Collection and that I absolutely love my Sprouse-LV Graffiti cosmetic bag as much today as I did when I greedily snatched it up?

Marc's Fall '11 main collection with its heavy handed fabrics and shape; one blizzard too many? Glitzy fabrics, high color and that awful tshirt shaped top that only works in tissue weight fabrics sticking away from the body. Straight skirts everywhere in vivid tones, most shown rather harshly with wet-looking black leather or puffy shapes. Awkward boot heights of Wellies, handbags that have bulked up, brocades .. a futuristic look at the '40's? Hair pulled back so tightly? Ouch. The "synthetic embellishment" referenced by Cathy Horyn themed the collection.

Marc by Marc Jacobs had the more fluid fabrics, easier shapes, beautiful coats, shoulder bags; even the presentation was softer with the model's flowing hair and flirty walk. Prettier and easier.

Curious reviews of his Main Collection pointing out Marni's dotted skirts (done first) as one reference too many, a very good conversation at TheLuxe on whether Marc's collections have become scattered. While not the evolution that disregards seasons as Azzedine Alaia works, Marc does fashion, I think, as YSL, changing every season from The African Collection, Russian Peasant, Chinoiserie, etc.

I do want that wispy forever-gone dress and I think that is what fashion means at its simplest. Not an entire runway presentation which quickly becomes esoteric and a you-tube memory but a few pieces that you can't let go of. Even years later. And so I love Marc. Oh and I'd love a skirt from this collection that yells Fall 2011.

Fashion Week has moved on to London which gives a look at NYFW another perspective for me away from the moment, a little more considered.


  1. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of MJ in general, though I do own a few of his pieces. I did love his FW11 collection though and the retro glam vibe I got from it. I thought the MBMJ was just ok, though definitely a few pieces that stood out (my issue with MBMJ is more the lack of quality though). I'm curious what he has in store for LV in two weeks.

  2. Im in love with Marc Jacobs. I have a pair of his sequin Mary Janes that make me swoon. The grunge era was beautiful. xo awesome post

  3. So nice. I love Marc Jacobs. Have a nice day. Hope to read you soon in my blog


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