Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tom Ford

Tom Ford spent ten years at Gucci as Creative Director taking its sales from 230 Million Dollars in 1994 to about 3 Billion Dollars in 2003. He did a dramatic exit with tons of money and images of sex, exemplifying what power and excess looked like. 

Sex and controversy and fashion and with his unbuttoned to there shirt, and did I say money, straight to Hollywood and CAA, an Oscar nomination for Colin Firth in Tom's A Single Man, the killer 45.00 lipstick with his initials and a private fashion show that made other designer's forays into collaborations with H&M seem very cheesey.

His table at Mr. Chow's was next to mine. He looked just like all the photos I'd seen of him.  I wanted to ask him something but really what to ask? Lynn Wyatt, beautiful, blonde, rich and happy, was at his table and I could have dished with her for hours about her haute couture collection, jet setter days and Texas oil men. I could have asked if he sent Christmas cards to Dawn Mello but that would have been rude. I smiled and ignored him, embarrassed by how came to his table to greet him. 

Those early collections, I think, were so emotional: the velvet jeans, the 3,000.00 blue jeans with feathers and embroidery, lace dresses, silk blouses cut to there just like his, tight dresses, VIP rooms at the boutique, Carine Roitfeld by his side. His private show celebrating his first collection for women with his label was private and rather well thought out: an intellectual collection not available to the press until a certain time, modeled by his very, very famous friends. Very expensive clothes and yet lacking emotion and heat. 

Just a quiet whisper and did I mention that the clothes are very, very expensive. 

It would be a beautiful thing for Tom and Carine to work together again, I think. 


  1. That is the whisper isn't it?!? That pairing would be magical.
    You are a cool cucumber to resist conversation with Ford at the next table! Was he a beautiful in person?

  2. I'm terminally (is that the right word) shy and reserved, not the hearty handshake and Dude, Nice Clothes. It's rather like paying homage and I can't do that. Yes, he's terribly Tom Fordish, more slight than I thought he would be. But my heart went pitter patter over Lynn Wyatt just imagining the stories she could tell about the real world of Haute Couture and Oil Money. And a little emotional - my first time back at Mr. Chow's since Tina's death, which is a sad sad time. Charles Gallay and I had a shop across the street and went to Michael's food tastings before he opened. In many ways, my life and Tina's were twined: working with our husbands, fashion capitals, children at Le Lycee de Francaise, a divorce after seventeen years ... pneumonia but hers was the bad one.

  3. My heart would pitter patter over Lynne Wyatt too. I know this is a wierd question did he smell amazing ?

  4. So funny ... well, wafting from his table to ours was a divine combination of soy sauce and champagne. He seriously looked hungry and Lynn Wyatt sparkles like a diamond: she was the real rock star!!!

  5. You should have asked, "Why do you annoy Wendy Brandes with your nudity?"

  6. Oooh, lucky you :) The best I can say is I sat next to Matt Dillon. Oh... there was someone else, but it's my secret ;-)

  7. I certainly should have asked that!!!

    Actually, the overwhelming fragrance was eau de money.


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