Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award: They Like Me, They Really Really Like Me

One of my favorite gorgeous bloggers, Cupcake  from Fashion Tarts has dragged me back to blogging; thank you, thank you. And surprised me with the wonderful (black is so my favorite color) Stylish Blogger Award. It's a lovely, thoughtful way to come back from my hiatus that was a bit longer than I'd thought it to be. The tradition of accepting this award (I do, I do) carries the obligation of revealing seven things and passing this on to seven stylish bloggers.

1. Loree Rodkin writes the most brilliant, funny, pithy, sweet updates on Facebook and that is why I stole one which became the name of my blog and, ahem, my book-in-progress. I did ask her, of course: she kindly allowed this. It exactly says everything about my life in fashion.

2. Ssssh. I daytrade; waking up when it's dark and dashing with a cup of coffee to my computer. Biotech mostly because it's alchemy. Biotech and Apple mostly. I think of stocks as dresses on a rack that I have to sort through, preferring designer dresses stocks.

3. I can only do things at the last minute when there's tons to do and then it's necessary to hyper-concentrate. I also think once you're out of school that ADD rocks. And I watch cute cat videos.

4. I have been humbled by pre-school moms and think everyone in fashion would benefit from it (once, not more, oh no). At a fancy pre-school event at Henry Jaglom's house (he'd been a Christmas customer and everyone in my store adored him), I volunteered to help set up. The box of cap and T's to sell needed to be unpacked and displayed on a table. I did it. Another mom "fixed" it and told me it would be better like "this." I thanked her.

5. I miss Angelo DiBiase every single day. I really do. And Tina Chow. Just a few years later, it would have been so different.

6. I have always had children. Always ... Back in a 2-seater and happy about it (except for the leaks in the soft-top of my '88 Mercedes 560SL.) Oh, I added five years to my age (older was cooler) from fifteen to twenty-five.

7. I totally agree with Nora Ephron about necks. Sigh. I think if you treat yourself as a dearly loved leather chair, which requires moisturizer, a little more stuffing, buffing, very little sunshine, you will live long and well ... with turtlenecks.

8. No surprise here that of them all it's Azzedine and John Galliano that are better than the rest.

And with the greatest glee and excitement, I pass this on with all pageantry and excitement.

Eilis Boyle of the Silent Story Teller  congratulations on the sheer beauty of your world

Julie Anne Rhodes of The Roving Stove congratulations on your stories in your blog

Helen of the Luxe Chronicles congratulations on your musings

Wendy of Wendy Brandes congratulations on recovering the Most Swear Words Award

Stacy of Taffeta Darlings congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog

Tracy of Pop Trash Beauty congratulations on dealing with very serious issues, and having fun

Laura of Sighs and Whispers congratulations on your photography and sense of fashion Then

Special thanks to Bloglovin for making it possible to keep track of the blogs I love.


  1. Book in progress? Can't wait. I love Azzedine!
    And thanks for the intersting trivia about YOU!

  2. Ha ha! Thank you for recognizing my great achievement ;-)

  3. So Happy you are back :) Thank you for including me in all pageantry and excitement. This just proves that 2011 is going to rock :) Thanks Madeleine xoxo

  4. A book?!! It would be a fab read! Interesting facts about you...#2 is hilarious (daytrader???) and #3 describes me to a T, think I', ADD too!
    Fab as always (like I didn't know it would be - haha)!

  5. Loved reading these facts about you and congrats on the award! Wishing you a very happy new year!

  6. Congrats to your award! It's such a nice one!

    From Munich With Love
    Angie ->
    Please stop by and say hello if you want!

  7. I'm looking forward to that book of yours, too!

  8. I've been anxiously awaiting a new post from you! Congrats on the award and I look forward to the book!

  9. Love this! You *must* do the book, that would be outrageously fun reading, I just know it would. :)

    Good for you on the award, it is more than well-deserved, you make fabulous reading.

    PS: Nora nailed it on the neck issue.

  10. loved reading this congratiulations on the award!
    i'm in total symbiose with you on Number 3. :)
    keep on !

  11. Ah, thanks. It's a fun thing to receive and pass on.


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