Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Property Belonging To Jennifer Jones"

I absolutely winced when I read this: the Bonhams Sunset Auction of Property Belonging To Jennifer Jones. It's a Sunset Auction January 16 at 10. One presumes 10am and annoyed at the omission of the a.m. or p.m: that's so thoughtless. The hauntingly beautiful Ms. Jones won the 1943 Oscar for The Song Of Bernadette, was nominated for four more, and then there is the  Norton Simon Museum. Bonhams has less important auctions: Sunset Auctions are for bargain hunters and decorators, a handful of collectors.  Galanos, Hermes and Louis Vuitton pieces have starting prices below what a novice seller on eBay would do. Michael Taylor furniture with aged and beautiful carpets: a very elegant and eclectic mix. Seriously, why wouldn't her son, Robert Walker Jr., have called Sothebys or Christies? Hermes anything is snatched up at those auctions before the gavel slams down with three "I'll take it if they don't pay up quickly" buyers behind the winner.

Property from the Estate of Jennifer Jones 
My mother Jennifer Jones passed away last Christmas [2009]. She left this life as she lived it, with radiant beauty. For these last six years, my wife and I and our two small children were fortunate enough to be able to care for her and she showered us with blessing and laughter in return. Mother's generosity knew no bounds and during her life she gave away much. It pleases me greatly that some of her remaining treasures may find homes with others who also loved and admired her.

The previews are January 14, 15 and 16. The opening bid

Lot No: 7934W

Property from the Estate of Jennifer Jones
Two Louis Vuitton black Epi leather hardside suitcases
Each with paper label to interior with serial number 976348 or 1006921, enclosing removable tray.
width of each suitcase 31 1/2in; height 20 1/2in; depth 10 1/4in

Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500 

Lot No: 7933

Property from the Estate of Jennifer Jones
An Hermes gray ostrich 'Kelly' handbag
height 8 3/4inl; width 12 3/4in; depth 4 3/4in

Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500 

Lot No: 7932

Property from the Estate of Jennifer Jones
A collection of Hermes accoutrements
daybooks, evening bags, belts, etc.
various dimensions

Estimate: $400 - 600 

Lot No: 7908

Property from the Estate of Jennifer Jones
A Galanos black silk and blue lace evening dress

Estimate: $300 - 400 


  1. So sad - perhaps Bonhams approached them and they don't know the difference? It seems they have very heartfelt good intentions. She was so lovely - I always loved Portrait of Jenny. There are certainly some stunning pieces in the collection - the ostrich Kelly is fabulous.

  2. sorry - didn't edit - it's of course Portrait of Jennie

  3. Perhaps, hard to imagine that: this treatment is so inappropriate for her. She was a customer and I really am sad. Somehow, I cannot imagine that a family used to museum (her own, actually) art and philanthropic work would not know things.

  4. That's going to be a wild auction. I can't imagine what the family was thinking except that perhaps it's an opportunity for 'the common man' to appreciate and own something from this legend.
    Honestly though it would not be the way I would honour her if she were my mother.

  5. Oops, my blogger mistake: just added the estimates ... to add to what is wholly undignified is that her lot is not the featured lot of the four others.


    A second hand store would have handled these better.

    Bonhams site is almost unusable, sluggish and you have to leave the page to get the details.

  6. This is just ridiculous. The starting price on the Hermes bag is a joke.
    Let's hope your posting about it will at least send some WORTHY buyer to the auction.

  7. Slim, I'm sure these will sell in the usual range finally. It's just so offhand. Thanks for posting.

  8. This one makes me sad also, very much like the Dominick Dunne auction.


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