Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Golden Globe Tweets

Angelina Jolie in a Stunning Versace  Dress!
Ahhh brangelina has arrived! Angie is gorg in green, love that she chose a color not black
I'm convinced Angelina Jolie can "glamour" ppl like the vampires do on True Blood.
Wish we could have seen Angie's hair up w/ SO much (regal) dress. Suppose—come to think of it—her St. John campaign was not entirely inapt.
Both Emma Stone and Claire Danes are wearing custom Calvin Klein gowns at tonight's GoldenGlobes ...
Julianne Moore is killlllling me. Gorgeous. SO fashion. Must be Lanvin.
This just in: Hailee Steinfeld's awesome dress is Prabal Guring. New movie star wears new fashion star. #LOVE
We caught up with Helena Bonham Carter on the red carpet. She attributed her shoe fashion statement to "indecision."
Scarlett Johansson paired her Elie Saab SS11 gown with Jimmy Choo's Vespa platform sandal at tonight's GoldenGlobes ...
So if not Julianne: who is Tom Ford dressing for the Golden Globes?
Globe-ettes, stop with all the fishtail hemlines. We geddit, Hollywood's a sharkfest, you live in goldfish bowls. Metaphor over and out.
Another MarchesaFashion moment on the stunning Amy Adams.
Spotted: Miss Kelly O, Giuliana Rancic and Eva Longoria all rock long Zac Posen dresses on the Golden Globes red carpet 
Every rose has its thorn: what do you guys think of Natalie Portman's Viktor and Rolf frock at the GoldenGlobes? 

WHOA Halle Berry is glorious! Some Dorian-Gray-Benjamin-Buttons craziness. There must be a portrait of her looking old and fat in her attic.
Did a golden globes memorandum go out 4 everyone 2 wear the same shade of green?Kind of bothersome. after the 3rd dress it loses its lustre.
Platinum Emma Stone on the best part of being blond: “People don’t really recognize me. It’s fun.”

Where did this green thing COME from.... Mrs Prada's influence, perhaps? 
Michelle Williams: What..WAS that?

OMG Anne Hathaway looking sublime in long-sleeve backless sequin ARMANI ! #Contender #GoldenGlobes

Scarlett reminding me of Kate Hudson in that bizarre Stella McCartney (i think) and corkscrew curls

Why does Christian Bale fight his own hotness SO MUCH? WHY? 

Who is Alexia Chung and why is she on the NBC Globes team? A frumpy schoolmarm, why would we listen to what she thinks of the fashion?

I admit it: I love the tweeting about the Golden Globes. Sampling about five delicious minutes of tweets, later tonight I'll flip through a slide show of what they wore. A few - only a few - horrified the twitterers. Halle Berry wearing Nina Ricci (can that collection be anything but dainty and pretty?), Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are sharing spots on the gasp-OMG-why list.

The complete list of winners right here.


  1. I like Angelina's dress but I'm not as wild about it as everyone else is...looks very vintage. I keep thinking I could have gotten one just like it for a non-Versace price.

  2. I think very few people actually paid for what they wore.


  3. Olivia wildes dress is omg beautiful! The top pick for me!

  4. Julie Anne should have let Tom dress her.
    I'm sad that we couldn't see Olivia's shoes under that dress, they were HOT.
    Claire... winner for me.

  5. I thought Olivia Wilde was sheer perfection - definitely my fav of the night with Natlaie Portman a close second. Best maternity frock ever- way better than my chocolate box dress with a bow on the bump.

    I found it a little disturbing that Angie and Brad kept primping on camera - his tie, her lips - couldn't the get dressed at home?

  6. I'm just horrified that designers are so proud that someone their frocks without paying. Because, we don't know who these designers are?

    Long, long ago, in a more rock and roll universe, I sold clothes to actors/actresses because, sigh, they had oodles of money.

    Gifting suites because swag was not enough.

    I may sound cross here, grouchy me.

    (Love you)

  7. Ok, the touchy feely Brangelina bit was much, I agree totally on that point (and even remarked to my hubby who was forced to watch). Yes, we get it you are very happy. She was lying on him at one So much weirdness last night!

  8. haha lovely! pity i couldn't watch them cause the time difference, but have to find some clips online! xoxo

  9. Why don't they pay for any of it . Seems you have more cred if you pay for your threads. I was all about Christine Hendricks in the red frock.

  10. Christine is amazing to look at.

    An old custom that really began innocently for this round of designers. At his beginning, to compete with Calvin Klein who had complete credibility in Europe when no American designers did, Armani paid Jacqueline Bissett to come to his show, wear his clothes. Some designers followed paying models in clothes and loaning things to the most beautiful for awards. Suddenly there were gifting suites and money paid to stars to wear the frocks. The shops that used to sell very spendy beautiful designer clothing for events were elbowed out by FREE. The stylists, yawn and as if, have "relationships" with the designers and are sent things and often paid off to have a celeb wearing their bits. The thing is when things are done by everyone this way, there is zero value and someone as daft as Rachel Zoe can become a celebrity, albeit with that essential ingredient - a lack of style.

    Nicole Kidman looks great and is one of the few that could make a difference. Most of the starlets and handlers are rather awkward and just screaming designer alas with no grace or style.

    I loathe the era of the celeb faux stylist. The truly great work and may not be household names but you would faint looking at their books. Vivian Turner, Marlene Stewart, Marilyn Vance ... so many that are truly great (Jessica Paster, so many).

  11. I too cannot understand this obsession with Alexa Chung. I'm not being mean or playing stupid, I'm genuinely perplexed. Vogue, Elle, bloggers, school children - everyone is obsessed with her. Don't get her style at all.

    Anne Hathaway has started to take a lot more risks with her style, which is great because now is the time. I like her and I really like the dress. I seem to be alone in my thinking, which is not unusual (!), but I really like Eva Longoria's black dress. It was very sophisticated. My female crush Olivia Wilde's dress was just lovely but her hair was far too casual.

    Disappointed by Michelle William's dress. She usually has quirky, cool style but oh my, she lost the plot here.

    Nicole Kidman bores me like you wouldn't believe, but credit where it's due. Classic and chic styling on the night.

  12. It was a bunch of laughs and gasps that show. The least of it being that Angelina went to top up her lips. Bathroom anyone. Love her and her dress though. I really like the 40s hollywood style with the long sleeves and structured shoulders. Same goes for Leighton Meester's dress.
    As for Natalie Portman, ummm...let's just focus on her face and acting not what she wore.

  13. Lord, I love this post *and* all of the comments, it is like brain candy on a Friday night. Olivia Wilde was stunning, I was surprised at Natalie Portman, and thought almost all of the ladies in green looked beautiful.

    What I am happiest to see is your note on celeb stylists, it is something I just don't understand. And the Jacqueline Bisset/Armani story is amazing, cannot wait to share that with my mother.

    You are such a delight,

  14. Ah, thank you. It was very controversial back then - a Celebrity who wasn't in the government, not Sophie Loren and not a royal. She was a customer and it was very cool ... she bought the first Zandra Rhodes we brought over.

  15. Love your blog!!!
    Check mine out ;)



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