Monday, November 15, 2010

@Zandra_Rhodes: Welcome To Twitter and A Few Memories

"The Zandra Rhodes show for Charles Gallay at Mr. Chow was so good that it's hard to describe it."

Well, yes it was. Two shows because it was very very good. Groucho Marx stayed for both. Carrie White did "heaps and mounds of hair." Zandra pressed everything and kept the models away from trouble. When it was over, the ladies flocked across the street with cameras following to try on the clothes.

And a few days after the show,  we went to Disneyland with Zandra and Tim Curry.


  1. Really amazing and it seemed so usual to me back then.

  2. Lovely. Just lovely.

  3. You just keep blowing my mind!
    What a memory. What a story.

  4. I loved seeing Dale Kern's byline on the Herald Examiner article. She was my boss then!

  5. It was so special ... even with Zandra's pinkeye; I wouldn't let her use a towel or anything.


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