Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Fashion Story: Pino Lancetti, Janet and Staying Late One Night

Do you ever ask an old friend "do you remember this ..." and then of course you remember all of it.  

Pino Lancetti made the most ethereal (he was of the Rome Alta Moda group: haute couture in small ateliers) white blouses for evening to be worn with his black bias crepe long skirts but there were a handful of decadent loose, flowing tops and caftan dresses with fringe. I remembered that Barbra Streisand and Sue Mengers had the same caftan dress. We'd worried about that because Sue was Barbra's agent. I'd completely forgotten about the other customer. Janet emailed me this morning and it all came back ...

"Do you remember this. Close of day and all the salespeople wanted to leave. I chose to stay and help the young heavy girl with her "mum." June Scott (a Beverly Hills real estate lady that picked her clients up in her chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce and only wore designer clothes with serious jewelry) had told me to always look at shoes and she was wearing expensive skin shoes. The alteration lady stayed and sewed two Lancetti dresses to fit her!! Natural hemp color with colored embroidered top and kimono sleeves with long fringe. The young girl purchased a lot and came back the next day for more! Huge sale for that time.

She was Sharen Arden. Her father was Don Arden who owned ELO. He'd disowned her because she ran off with Ozzy Osbourne! 

I still help her and the entire family 20+ years later."


  1. Wow what a story! I'd LOVE to see the Barbra Streisand and Sue Mengers caftan as well!!


  2. Never get enough of your stories! They will make the best book to keep by my bed, so I always have glamorous fairytale dreams.

  3. Ah ...

    Fashion was so fun (and money was just rolling around Then).

  4. SHUT THE HELL UP!!! That is totally cool! Thanks for the great story!

  5. Very cool story, darling!
    Would love to ride in a Rolls and wear strictly Designer!


  6. So you guys dressed Sharon Osborne, before she was an Osborne? Fab story! I've seen pics of her from back in the day, and it's incredible how much she's changed since then!

  7. Oh, what a great story!
    You are such a visionary :)


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