Monday, November 15, 2010

Flirty, Naughty, Funny and Wonderful: Mary's


Mary is a fashion student with the most seductive lingerie blog. Naughty and nice, Flirty Skin (Link here) is irresistible. I asked Mary for a list of her favorite things; Chantal Thomass stockings and Paris and sleeping are on mine, too. 

12 things i cannot live without:

My Lover


Numéro Editorials

My cat Elliott, named after suicidal Singer/Songwriter Elliott Smiths & My dog Maurice,the cutest Bernese Mountain Dog ever

Transparent Lace & Mesh


Paris & red vine ( these things belong together forever for me)


Chantal Thomass stockings

sleeping the whole sunday ( god, I miss this since I am working on my diploma haha)

My Iphone, seriously- this stupid thing makes you become an addict

Marie-Antoinette by Sophia Copola.Favorite Film of all times.

"I started blogging because:

It's been some time I wanted to do a  blog and this summer I went to London for a 3 month internship at "Bordelle".
So the timing was good and we had the opportunity to either make a documentation about our internship or to write a blog.
So I took the jump into the cold water. I am lucky to have a very talented  Boyfriend who loves to experiment in Photography and so we started to take pictures whenever I find some cool lingerie-pieces. I always loved writing and since I am working on my own Lingerie-collection the time seamed perfect to start a Blog about the thing I love most.
Right now I am unfortunately more glued to the sewing machine than to my computer, but I try to keep going and share whatever moves me.
 And it's so worth it, I met great people and got opportunities I wouldn't had without flirtyskin, like going to the Triumph Inspiration Award or visiting the Lingerie Collective where I met some very nice people and got a first sneak peak  into the industry-
 my Blog was my little wingman who opened me many doors in such a short time."

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  1. Totally relate! The iphone (addictive), Coppola's film, Paris...great post!


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