Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rhubard Raspberry, Cherry Blackberry, Strawberry Black Peppercorn and Peach Rosemary: One Kings Road Could Be Heaven

Rhubarb Raspberry Thyme: A subtle rhubarb tang and a wholesome raspberry sweetness blend with an herbaceous thyme surprise to make a versatile and intriguing low-sugar conserve. Slather it on a croissant, stir into yogurt, serve alongside a lamb chop, foie gras or ice cream—being adventurous will only bring gastronomic pleasure.
Peach Rosemary: Experience the unexpected pairing of a tincture of rosemary with the refreshing wash of sweet summer peaches. Perfect with savory brunch fare, as a yogurt stir-in, on your midnight turkey sandwich, alongside roast pork or biscuits, as well as with goat cheese on bruschetta or atop mahi mahi. A panorama of possibilities!
Strawberry Black Peppercorn: Whether at your breakfast table or as a delightful accompaniment to savory evening dishes, this lively pairing of succulent strawberries and the brilliant pop of ground peppercorn works with everything. Lay it down next to an assortment of hard and soft cheeses or make a mouthwatering statement with your next steak.
Cherry Blackberry Sage & Clove: While lusciously sweet blackberries temper tart cherries, a delicate mingling of sage and clove amidst the fruit creates a festive, multi-layered conserve. A perfect complement to roast beef, lamb, or goose, as well as on popovers, muffins, or a fine triple-crème Brie. May we suggest a sweet supper at sunrise?

Totally just lifted this from their website. Too delicious to ignore and so special that my first sweet and generous thought after I immediately ordered this was to share it. Thinking of savory pancakes and brie with a taste of this, maybe a little smoked chicken on rosemary olive oil bread with butter lettuce and this and then a topping of one of these insanely divine flavors on a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.

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  1. The strawberry peppercorn is calling my name!

  2. These flavors left me swooning ... Cannot wait to receive this!

  3. Oh this sounds so intriguing! I love the combination of sweet and spice, so I'll have to check this out. I imagine this would be terrific to cook with as well.

  4. Hmm, I cook with these usually - I adore adding some to chicken and vegetarian dishes. So delicious, too. have a nice week;-)

  5. They look so tasty! And i absolutely loved their descriptions, kind of gives a poetic feel to the food! Supper at sunrise with these sounds absolutely delightful! :)

  6. Looks so mouth-watering!

    I think I'd try Peach Rosemary first. The way it's described is amazing! Love it!


  7. um...yum! I'm all about the cherry. xo Mish

  8. very informative love it! love your blog!!!! i just started a new blog you might like it..

  9. What curious combinations - I'd love to try!


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