Sunday, October 10, 2010

Muses, Music, Models: White Stipe, Sofia Coppola, KateMoss ... In No Particular Order

Disquieting muses fascinate. The poetry of Sylvia Plath is restless and inclusive ... beautifully drawn, myth and fairy tale: her Disquieting Muses is linked here. Jack Grapes leads a workshop in Los Angeles on writing with the voices of the muses, the archetypes: The Child, The Virgin, The Mother, The Seductress, The Crone, The Huntress, The Medusa.

And then there is Kate Moss. Simply, another archetype. Just discovered this piece from White Stipe directed by Sofia Coppola and can't stop looking at it, hopelessly fascinated. Muse, model, music, magic, mayhem.

This is how Jack describes the process ... "the language, the prosody of the sentences, the energy and use of tone and language might indicate you were writing from some specific archetype ..." 

Fragments of imagination and something projected on the muse that is simply more desirable while so untouchable. 

Amazon has 11,046 results for Muses in Books.

I wish there were a course in how to be a Muse.


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