Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Hate Fakes I Hate Fakes I Hate Fakes

Marie Kettering

Sells replica hermes handbags and replica hermes wallets on the internet. You can get fake hermes replica handbags and other famous brands like gucci handbags.

What to do when you run across, in places that are not supposed to support shady FAKE and/or REPLICA Hermes wallets? 

In this instance, I blocked and reported spam on twitter. Of course this is a all about the money and if Twitter removes this one, there'll be little leeches springing up. A languid action when I was dying to find a button, not there, that exploded the site and sent the evil-doers off to do community service somewhere for years. I have a disturbing (and true) image of women and children, probably some hapless men too) working way too many hours in overheated factories for not enough money to live comfortably. Whilst Hermes and others have programs   to preserve the craft of fine work. It's evil. Period ...

Finally it's up to Hermes/Chanel/Balenciaga/etc to guard the brand. 

Christian Louboutin doesn't just make edgy sexy shoes with red soles. He's the Lone Ranger setting up a pretty serious site to expose FAKES. Frightening to see how many sites are sending out FAKES. It's a must visit and the enormity of this is grim. Link here ...

I'd love a genuine Hermes wallet at the moment, frustrated with the relative flimsiness of wallets I replace every year or so (faded, stitching issues). Not a FAKE, no. Stuck with a FAKE Chanel Baby Cabas bag which I can never take to Italy because it would be confiscated and there's that pesky 5,000.00 fine.

Not that I'm judgmental. But I really would like that red button to take them down.


  1. I couldn't agree more! I think fakes handbags, shoes etc are just copy cats trying to steal somebody else's talent. And we are taught from just little girls - nobody likes a copy cat!! Well done to you for speaking out on the subject! Love following along with you!

  2. Thank you ... the thing is that it's so easy to understand why someone would want a fake for 10% of the usual retail price and not really consider what it means. And I can't believe that any amounts of replica Hermes anything would take one sale away from that company especially, which is completely about the art of craft.

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  4. They are hideous, and I adore you for writing about them.

    Sending you a smile,

  5. I used to enjoy reporting Vuitton fakes to eBay. They took them down FAST too!

  6. I love that you wrote this! Although, I just watched a super interesting clip about Fashion and Free Culture that provides food for thought on the subject:
    I'm just glad people are having this conversation :)


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