Friday, October 15, 2010

Charles Anastase: The Most Beautiful Dresses In The World

It's entirely possible that these are the most beautiful dresses in the world. Charles Anastase ... and I have had a thing for plenty of Charles' in my life ... did these. Rae Kawakubo is walking somewhere wearing his dresses and that is exactly what I want to do. On sale too ... oh what to do. Here at's amazing other site, just window shopping the Sale and sighing, reaching for a silk fan that is not there (and wondering how expensive clothes can get, prices are flying like a jet plane),wishing as hard as I ever have ... the other site is The Corner linked here (hurry, really breathtaking fashion on page after page).

Charles Anastase, I think I love you. His site is linked here. In which the most beautiful dresses in the world become the new black, or something like that.

Having finally seen Social Network last night with gorgeous blogger Julianne Rhodes who writes the  Jewels From The Roving Stove blog, my mad crush for everything internet extended to Federico Marchetti who put most of the world's fashion designers on the internet in some way for his company as well as His story is here.

I am sure that if I owned just these two dresses, I could walk with Rae anywhere considering the things she does. Happily too.


  1. :D Oh how cute, love the dress!!

  2. very beautiful indeed! lovelish! xoxo

  3. adorable! and love the name of your blog btw! :)

  4. thanks for video, great dress!


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