Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bullying. Get In Front Of It, STOP It: Dude What Would Happen Shows What It Feels Like.

The curly haired boy is Jackson and he did not like doing the bully boy. If you've never been bullied or stared down or intimidated, you are truly blessed. This is exactly what it's like and some people carry on with the bullying and intimidation with no limits. It's unendurable. It's a conversation everyone needs to have and if your kid/brother/husband/lover/boss is the bully, you need a lot of support and you may need to simply exit a situation that has stopped being rational. End it. Simply end it. There's scads of urgent and important information at Cartoon Network, a seriously good place for kids to visit and find some assurance.

I grew up in a part of East Hollywood that really didn't matter, abandoned cars on front lawns, a dreadful peeling paint kind of neighborhood mixed with street kids, traffic, and moms yelling for their kids to come in for supper. Some amalgamation between Catholic school girl, ballet practice that began at age three and The Street left me with a certain amount of I'm Simply Not Going To Take It. Yes, there was the Mean Boy who spent a semester carefully not getting caught tapping on the back of my desk for an entire class period; telling seemed out of the question and he was really too large for me to deck (I know, I know). It was a semester of misery and really my solution - take it, ignore it, he'll stop - was SO INCREDIBLY WRONG. I should have brought the adults (teachers, counselors, vice principles of something besides the length of my skirts) in to separate us, look him over and watch him. I was so wrong. A semester of small irritants (I know how mild this actually was) and I was free.

It's all so mixed up, isn't it. Kids are brought up to be respectful and so shouting for help, admitting they need help and actually asking for it is embarrassing. I don't particularly agree with it, but that's a personal choice. I'd rather oceans of kids yell back and announce they won't keep it all a secret.

That's my kid pounding, stepping in and belittling. He really hated it. Don't allow your kid, don't deny that the bully could be your kid, to do this. Break it. Get help and talk talk talk. Waves are kind of cool.


  1. So important, and glad the curly haired kid was willing to play the part to get the point across!

  2. Scary, he caught the looming, menacing, harassing, staring right at you thing. Uncomfortable ...

    An article in the NY Times this morning ... mean parents, mean kids:


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