Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Brazilian Blowout Situation and A Quick Look At Moroccan Oil

WWD The Beauty Report report on the Brazilian Blowout situation was thorough.

The original lab report is linked here. I've had it done several times ... like many other things, the first was the best. I did pony up (not very happily) for the shampoo and conditioner; a gift with the first treatment but a fat 30.00 each after that. Substituting L'Oreal Everpure (no sulfates) shampoo and conditioner at (recession blush) 7.99 was not the same. The price of the treatment in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills had fallen from the first rush at 350.00 to 500.00 down to 150.00. My last treatment in July barely lasted three weeks.

Silky hair dreams while living at the beach are simply too optimistic. Moroccan Oil was the new subtext, credited for soft waves without that old school silicone slick. Amazon (I love Amazon Prime - two day free delivery of everything, no sales tax, easy enroll into 15% discounts for automatic shipments that you can skip when you want) shipped it to me today actually. Two small squirts on end of the day balmy beach weather hair and my hair is soft with a wee wave. Beach, grunge, natural (well, not really natural, no) and it really, really doesn't have that John Frieda slick and limp teflon feel.

I should stop here but out of curiosity, because there are a LOT of ingredients besides Moroccan Oil, I googled the ingredients. A complex work because my eyes roll in the vicinity of chemical breakdowns and schematics. Just imagining a scientific team in a very white room with stainless and glass bottles and thingies as they assemble a montage of ingredients, in some ways it must be formulaic. Cetyl alcohol is a big thing in products, much as butter is required for chocolate chip cookies. Would these products that work well do it without the particular mix? OK, I confess ... I do have a doctor who whispered olive oil to me, another safflower oil - to quickly dab on after the shower while still a bit damp. Egg yolks and avocado mash were distinctly hard to wash out of my hair and spending four days with olive oil saturating my hair while at the Ashram in Calabasas was a sticky mess; although at a certain point I might have licked a dab to quell my hunger. A papaya and and a plate of mushrooms served with orange juice while attacking veritable mountains was not enough and the loss of coffee ached more than my calves.

Water. Cetyl Alcohol (it's unavoidable, I think). Dehyquart A. Dimethicone. Cyclomethicone. Argon Oil. DMDM Hydantoin. CitricAcid.  Parfum. CI 47000, CI 26100. These are (bold) links to the documents. 

I suppose one could say (is much more proof necessary, not sure: the lab report and Procter & Gamble's independent report seem to confirm that the claims of just about formaldehyde-free were blatant lies along the lines of there's no proof cigarettes are bad for you) they'd take the risk but ninety minutes in a salon every three months or so is very different than a stylist working five or six days a week giving these treatments.

Here it is because it's confusing and we believed. Interesting that P&G, that great big corporate parent, didn't.


  1. Sunny, balmy Venice Beach this morning. First try with MoroccanOil after a nice shower. Two itsy dabs and soft hair, not a single thing weighting it down. This conglomeration of chemicals, sigh, is heaven. Would it be the same without the two (why two?) bursts of color additives?

    Chemicals rule this morning. Good science, bad science.

  2. They have to fix the blowout because I LOVE it. I just got it a couple of weeks ago from my stylist who is very uptight about toxins. I am not sure which formula/brand she used but it didn't smell like ones I'd done in the fact, it was a LOT less smelly than a curly perm. I feel like I never want to go without again so...guys...fix it!!!

  3. I am so in love with Frederick Fekkai at the moment ... he is the Hair Heroine. (besides, it stopped working well for me, lol).


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