Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beauty and My Mad New Crush On Frederick Fekkai (and would you look at the pretty girl hair!)

Frederick Fekkai backstage at the Spring '11 shows: Because Mr. Fekkai and his parent company P&G, that great big seemingly dull conglomerate that manufactures staples seamlessly, did a nice quiet lab analysis of the wildly successful Brazilian Blowout and revealed that its claims to be essentially formaldehyde-free were false, I'm ever so much more interested in what he has to say about hair, beauty and product.

Sentient? His hair is pretty girl in real life, natural and really the antithesis of the flat, straight Aerin Lauder It Girl in New York that is purely editorial and requires, for many - not all, of course, deep intervention and maintenance.

Pretty girls and pretty hair. And that is why I have a new, mad crush on the very handsome Mr. Fekkai.

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