Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Very Best From New York Fashion Week Via Twitter To You

"Yes, I think women can make mistakes with accessories, and no there's no cure." -- Phillip Crangi

OH: 'Fashion's Night Out put me in touch with my inner sociopath.

The swag at Cynthia Rowley is Rowley branded Band-Aids. For those Slow down when walking to your seats! Someone with a neon green bag just ate it and slid down the runway. Poor guy!! bleed for fashion.

Wear socks with sandals, will get photographed by Japanese fashion Surrounded by half-naked models backstage at Jill Stuart.

There's a 5-year-old at Jill Stuart wearing an Hermes cuff. The one I want. Umm....

Kaelen collection inspired by a recent tornado chasing trip.

People finally sitting thank the fashion gods.

I could pee I'm that excited!!!!!

Is that Kristin Cavalleri? Shut up. This show is dunzo.

Happy belated birthday #KarlLagerfeld !! (It was yesterday. I forgot. Oops. Karl doesn't do birthdays anyway.)

@OscarPRGirl loved how you worked the #FNO shirt w/ an Oscar metallic silver metal paillette black-tie gown skirt! Nice ass.

Someone in my general vicinity needs an Altoid. I'm going to pass out.

Can these girls next to me focus on the damn clothes, please?

 When I say celebs, I really mean reality tv stars.

#nyfw at Helmut Lang Party because I love fashion..

I'm so happy @MBFashionWeek is at @Lincoln_Center. The folks who live on the West Side are so nice & thoughtful! #goodkarma #nyfw

Oh man, I wish I could share this article by a certain lesbian culture critic about a certain blood-bedazzled armadillo-shoed pop runt.

If I wasn't working a super serene and relaxed tone this week I would be fucking pissed my internet at home isn't working!!!

do not send me standing invitations. I'm no newbie

FNO = FUN! A great reminder not to take fashion too seriously.

Fuck you, blueberry & pomegranite ice cream w/ dark choc chips!!! Fuck you with Oops. All of the shoes are breaking right off the runway and models are hobbling down the stairs at Jill Stuart #nyfw spoon!!!

Today I was served a big dose of attitude at Restoration Hardware. Really-- Restoration Hardware? You're like the McDonalds of furniture.

Should I take pics? Should I take notes? Should I tweet? I'm a fucking mulimedia monster in here!

Omg. I just spotted a real-life model eating. #NYFW breaking news

Happy to be home now. Anna Wintour has created a public nuisance with #FNO. Self-entitled mobs, price-gouging cabbies, retail desperation.

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