Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vera Wang Is Wonderful ... The Complexity Of Women

Dark and artful ... the mood of Ms. Wang's summer collection. I'm fascinated with Ms. Wang: I know she has children because I hired one of her nannies for Jackson. Somehow everything she does comes out with a subtle languor, a delicate shimmer and a lot of excellence. She makes you need to get married just to wear her confections of cream and silk, maybe a sensuously bias cut lanky dress, and then something devastatingly dark for your divorce. Perfection ... and I can't think of many things she can't make you covet.

The link to her website is here. Bedding, candles, eyewear, luggage, mattresses .... bridal, evening ... and and and.

I'm fascinated with her ... her personal simple, elegant style that transcends fashion, her sleek hair to her waist, her collection of great pieces from other designers. In my dream store, I wouldn't be able to sell any of her collections; she's very established and my protocol requires indie.

The thing is that there was a moment when she made the decision to leave Vogue; Anna Wintour had taken the job she wanted. Ms. Wang used that time as a gift to begin her business. I remember her earliest group of bridal dresses; she donated one of the gowns to the first Divine Design. Miles of tulle and delicate beadwork. Not just a fashionable woman making beautiful dresses or defining taste - this is a major corporate/marketing/design world of hers. Love her silky long hair ...


  1. Nice collection. Many beautiful collections , tough choice .....

  2. Difficult strange moment for shops ... so many designers selling from the runway or with a distribution channel firmly in place.

    So nice to see you here.

  3. I'm also fascinated with Vera, and her clothes are just right. I had the chance to meet her once during a Seattle visit and she was lovely and gracious—so classy and intelligent. I like what you wrote in the last paragraph. Food for thought...

  4. Thanks Ali ...

    really an amazing story - and her family/philanthropic life matters to her.

    Fascinated by her personal style that is breaking down at least ten arcane fashion/beauty rules.

  5. A wonderful piece on her by Ray A. Smith in the WSJ ...


    The entire Fashion Week section of the WSJ is necessary reading, I think.

  6. Her designs have onve again captivated me this collection: fantastic manipulation of fabric and play with different shapes <3

  7. I LINKED you on my blog!!! Because you inspired me with this post :)

    Hope to see you on my site soon.



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