Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valentina ... Beautiful, Beautiful Valentina and Donna Karan

Sometimes there's a softer mood in fashion, creamier colors and a lighter hand. Possibly as much to do with the complexity and passion of a woman designing for other women as with the need to move past a darker, gloomier, tougher time. Donna Karan's pale collection has the memory of lightness that Valentina felt when she arrived in America, escaping the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Valentina said something that could have been said by Ms. Karan  ... "Simplicity survives the changes of fashion," she said in the late 1940s. "Women of chic are wearing now dresses they bought from me in 1936. Fit the century, forget the year."

Valentina ... her story is here. The photos underneath the videos are of Valentina's work from the '30's and '40's.


  1. That third dress is AMAZING!!! I love the ruffles and the texture.

    Just everything!


    Thanks so much for supporting me!


  2. Hi! I've come to you from Zabrinah's wonderful site (who comments above!)! She was right to recommend you! Your site is just lovely...these dresses are classic and timeless and oh, so feminine... I just want to reach out and touch them all. Now to feel them against my skin and wear them...even better!
    Please come and follow me at my history blog - it's about St. Nicholas!

  3. P.S. For some reason, your site's not allowing me to become a follower of yours... I'll try again later!

  4. Ah, it's fascinating to see that in reaction to other bad times, a designer (a woman, of course) did softness because the gloom becomes unbearable.

    Like believing the check's in the mail and he's gonna call, lol.

  5. OMG...look at the last red capelette...Ill have that one please!!!

    Hope you are having a great day so far!

    Have a Fashionable Weekend:)
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  6. Can I be honest? I'm having a hard time getting into that dress at the top. I think it's because I keep imagining this old frumpy professor that I once had in it (she always wore stuff like that). But sometimes I'm surprised by what I end up liking, once it's on, put together with some other cool things. How would you wear it?

  7. Booga, Booga ... yes, it would be too fussy as a dress - it's a coat and I'd love it over black leather leggings or classic narrow, skinny jeans.

    Great thrown on casually, I think.


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