Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer '35ish Madame Gres, Hope and Donna Karan Summer '11

There's a lovely mood for next summer. Just thinking that fashion reflects moods, too. It looks like hope, a beautiful easy thing coming away from the harsh gloom of the last couple of years. Just poking around in the history of fashion and seeing that after those bad, bad soup kitchen years, there was another moment of soft and beautiful. Women designing for women are complicated, imbued with feeling and always fashion.

(the black dress is Madame Gres ... I did meet her when her company was bought; a complicated bad thing)


  1. I would kill for this dress.
    Also, apropos of whatever, what think you about the color "griege"?

  2. griege is such a sad handful of letters ... I'd run off with this and live happily ever after, yes.

  3. madame grès ♥ her dresses are simply perfect

  4. agree ... perfect, forever and ever perfect.

  5. Hope, indeed. That black dress is absolutely stunning.


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