Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stacy Lomman Summer '11: Precious Metal

"Influences of Paco Rabanne in the '60's, mix with the glamour of the late '40's to create a collection of evening/cocktail dresses for the modern woman with an individual sense of style. Strength and femininity collide ... "

Stacy Lomman's notes for her Spring '11 Precious Metal collection listed the sponsors of each dress sent down the runway. Funding for her show came from a collaboration of friends and strangers through the Kickstarter Program; this is the link for the Huffington Post article about Ms. Lomman and the program. She shared bits of fabric and a toile or two along with stories about the journey to be able to have a fashion show on her blog TaffetaDarlings (link here). With a little help from her friends and led by Wendy Brandes (link to her fabulous blog here), something that is almost impossible to pull off happened. And was noticed. Very nice to have Life feature her dress for its Sexy Runway Moments: Spring 2011 issue. Wendy's wearing Stacy's dress in the last picture; the dress that led me to follow this story and then really care.

I asked Stacy about the different skirt lengths shows, the fabrics, the jewelry and decorations. Here is her answer ...

"The skirt lengths... yes, pretty much arbitrary.  Since it was a small collection of dresses, I didn't want to gravitate
toward one length because it would have looked too repetitive.  Each dress had to be special in an individual way as
well as fit into the collection.  To me, fabric was the connective thread to all the pieces and silhouette set them apart. 
Also, certain styles require certain proportion.  And yes, a couple of the girls were like 6'2" so maybe the dresses
looked extra short.
-Almost all fabrics have some kind of metal component.  Silk gazar, heavy lame, spun polyurethane in metallic,
opalescent faille, metallic brocade, etc.  There aren't any jewels, but a couple pieces have metal iron-on discs, one
piece has burnished metal sequins on tulle as an applique, As far as being optional, I hadn't thought of it... I like the
pieces the way they are and feel like they wouldn't be as special w/o those details, but I'm open to other possibilities.
I think in terms of lengths, etc., anything goes these days.
I like that there is more freedom in fashion... wear what you want (as WendyB would say).
I don't think we have to follow trends the way we did before... pants can be wide or skinny,
skirts short or long, jackets are all over the place... it's up to the individual to figure out
what their style is, what looks good on them and how to put separates together.  So, as
a designer, I think we have a lot more freedom to express ourselves and our personal
style rather than try to fit into the trends -- which I was never about.
I love that you're looking at my clothes through a buyers eye.  That's what I need to learn!
And of course, there are other options for fabric (less expensive), but I always like to start
high and then work a bit lower if need be."

So. Dressmaker cocktail/dinner dresses, gorgeous fabrics and dressmaker touches.  Love the light touch on the waistbands and the pretty backs, the shape of the gold lace running up the dress.


  1. Madeleine, thank you for such a lovely post! We need to get you a dress one of these days :-)

  2. You were very generous sharing the process of getting here .. and have a lot of good wishes from your friends and your strangers.

    Thanks for your answers too.

    I know this is a busy time.

  3. It was a great show! Agree that with a small collection of just 12 dresses, identical hemlines would have been quite boring!


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