Monday, September 13, 2010

Something Beautiful: Droog Brooches

Droog formed its collective in 1993, the year Jackson was born (thinking of him in Duckie Brown and liking that so much). Architects, artists, designers - function reduced almost geometrically to essence, humor, craft and there is luxury in that. It's grown to be a serious international business and yet retained its promise to delight, bewilder, enhance and deliver a deliciously well thought out product, with respect for its history and in that vein, there are brooches.

Designed by Iris Nieuwenburg with a lopsided Disneyesque fairytale humor, Mad Hatter and yet a classic reference to 18th century baroque and gilded France somehow twists again in her hands. Her pieces are almost decadent in craft, composed of silver, veneer, lacquer, phot prints, glass flowers, crystal ... and then so delicately colored.

Very different from Tom Binns esoteric and wholly ironic designs which make my heart beat more quickly in appreciation, but as certainly as modern and the mix would be lovely. A daft safety pin with the bird resting on the hand holding a flower, I think.

The website link is here, prices range from 1,800.00 to 2,700.00.


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