Monday, September 6, 2010

Shamelessly Remembering Then

Jeffrey Felner's project on facebook, Hall of Fame - Designers Who Have All But Been Forgotten, has stirred up memories about my own buying experiences, the little stories as well as the clothes. My former husband sent the collection of photos of collections to Rick Owens; they were lost in his move to Paris. And my own things were lost when I closed my shop. Judith found this and sent it to me today, after a quick trip to Kinko's to put it on a c/d. The clothes were so good that season, by the way.

I used kraft boxes with extravagant amounts of white tulle for wrapping, plain kraft shopping bags that I scrawled my name on with a fat black marker. Even after I closed my shop, I kept miles of white tulle and kraft wrapping paper. Judith and Steve Irish made it more beautiful with this newsletter ... hand addressed and stamped because it looked better.

Shamelessly happy to have this.


  1. I hope more things from your past turn up! Such a shame that they were lost.

  2. Jeffrey's posts on facebook are bringing it all right back; thanks.


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