Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rodarte, Kelly Cutrone, Karl Lagerfeld and Masstige

Milan Kundera discovered in France “the sense that we have come to the era of post-art, in a world where art is dying because the need for art, the sensitivity and the love for it, is dying.” But hope is not over, no; he immediately references an article from 1999 including Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent among a selected group of eighteen geniuses keeping beauty alive. His new book "Encounter" was just released, link here.

Kelly Cutrone said on twitter today "The castle is in the street. Lagerfeld canceled his Paris show and goes Masstige-power to the people!" An enthusiastic response to his surprising announcement that he would cancel the scheduled Lagerfeld show scheduled for October 3 to focus on an online collection for Apex Partners of "Masstige" as mass elitism has been named. The most concise explanation of this type of marketing is linked here; it's playing with prestige for the masses.

Somehow with the help of designer brands at Target and collaborations as mixed as Jimmy Choo for Ugg, a rather odd match, Rae Kawakubo, Sonia Rykiel, Rodarte, Lanvin and even Karl Lagerfeld for H&M, Isabel Toledo for Payless, it's accepted by legions of fashion lovers who sometimes pay a premium to actually pick something up on eBay.

I ordered a black lace Rodarte long cardigan from eBay. It arrived undamaged and I suppose functional although the soul and creativity had carefully been extracted. Not similar to what could be a one-off knit, shredded and embellished, on a rack at Barney's with a four figure price tag.

But the truth is that there is nothing in these collaborations that now will harm a brand. Rodarte may be being courted now by LVHM, because the House of Rodarte is essential to the world of fashion. Which is always something apart from commerce. The photos above are from Rodarte Fall '10.

After looking beneath the Lanvin announcement last week, I found that H&M will have the collection in about 200 stores November 20. But there are over 2000 stores and so one wonders how serious these collaborations really are.

Flux. That's what there is now. Well, that's what I think. There's an empty shop on Abbott Kinney and I did dream it was mine and then of course I wondered what owning a shop would be like now in the midst of designers selling customers, masstige and the economy.

But if you were to count the number of tweets today to decide what the theme of today was, it would unequivocally be Tom Ford - Black Orchid Nail Polish and that small cocktail party coming up. Mr. Ford's lipstick is $45.00 and could be, along with his and Chanel's special three nail polishes for Fashion's Night Out, the most coveted items of the season.


  1. Thanks for the post! I'm looking forward to Lanvin for H&M, now it's just a matter of finding them!

  2. hello to you, November 20 ... the H&M website will probably list the stores involved.


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