Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maybe Bickham Script Pro Is The Most Beautiful Font Ever

I love the contradiction of embellishments and flourishes mixed with the stark minimalism of a white page. Just like Grande Baroque flatware served with stark white china: simple and yet luxurious. Having fallen in love with the Soolip, link here, handmade papers and classic stationery, I'm paying more attention to the art of fonts.

Helvetica may be the most popular font and Times New Roman the standard, but there's a place for an extravagant Capital Letter, even with the most minimal sensibility. Bickham Script reminds me of my second grade teacher, a nun with a wood ruler who was ever so willing to smack a hapless hand not mastering the swirls and mysteries of cursive. J was so hard for her class; she agreed to give a lollipop to the best J in her class. I didn't win, of course. I think Bickham's capital J would have pleased her.


  1. I love looking at all kinds of fonts too....( I thought I was a weirdo, lol).....this is a beautiful one....LOVE looking at it!!

  2. Ahhhah, I am a font freak!! I definitely have certain fonts that I am "loyal" to. (For example, my favorite basic font is Adobe Garamond. I also love Lobster for some reason...not for basics, of course.) is the best! This font is beautiful, too, of course. :)

    - Halie

  3. Halie, so exited about new fonts, thanks for posting. Following your blog - love the red Alaia.


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