Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lanvin and H&M ... Another Look and A Few Questions

"I think that I loved the idea that H&M was going luxury." And that was the introduction of the H&M collaboration that will land in about 200 H&M's; there are more than 2,000 H&M's worldwide. Not sure if it's production issues that will limit Lanvin for H&M or clever marketing that creates demand disproportionate to availability. Always curious how these things are viewed by the investing community; the stock did go vertical with a tad of profit taking Friday.  There are many versions of this video on You Tube - this is a clever campaign. The comments are random, decisions will be made later and there will be lines November 20 and scads on eBay. That's the deal.

Many designer collaborations for fast fashion chains are very, very profitable and bring people back into the stores; that matters. The distribution model is changing; being the venue for certain of these collaborations, online sellers, flash sale sites.

The exponential changes in fashion are beyond seasons and as Suzy Menkes said about the invasion of fashion bloggers in March, there's no going back. Burberry's announcement, which makes for a great business model because Christopher Bailey is rocking the house the way Karl did in the early days at Chanel, that it would begin selling substantial amounts of its collection online with delivery in, sigh, six weeks might be the singular fashion event of the year. Coupled with the kind of success that you can't beat and can barely imagine at It's not shop owners and buyers being brought to major fashion events but bloggers and stylists and reality TV people.

I hope Mr. Elbaz is making a ton of money. I'll dream of non-H&M pieces of Lanvin (and Burberry - that shearling jacket with the olive chiffon dress, sort of ruched and frail). It's a non-event in the fashion world. But ... please, no Chanel for H&M. Please.


  1. I think I love the idea that h&m is going luxury , too :D
    totally agree with him :D

  2. annierama, following you ... your blog is delicious.

  3. Agreed, darling!
    Really interesting post!


  4. This is so true. I ageee with that one comment also, I would hate to be a really cheap-looking line. But I have faith. I'm really excited!


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